Colcannon at 9 pm – Nothing tastes better!


Tonight, nothing in the whole wide world tastes better than Colcannon. Steaming hot, mashed, baked, peppery loveliness…

It’s been a long day which included work, commuting, grocery shopping, a session at the gym, making Colcannon, baking Colcannon and then eating Colcannon at 9 pm.

And I’m writing this blog post instead of washing up… that can wait because now with my tummy full, I’m going to curl up in bed with a book (yes probably a recipe book) and then hopefully drift off and dream of a way to fit into my dress for next weekend.

My shoes arrived, at least THEY fit!

C xxx



3 thoughts on “Colcannon at 9 pm – Nothing tastes better!

    • No I just have the one I bought, well I have my old floral one but that just clings horribly, really want to wear the one I bought… will keep at the gym this next week!!! xxx


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