Final touches to my 1940s outfit…


Today I bought the final touches for my 1940’s outfit. I bought an original 1940’s marcasite brooch for the same price as a modern reproduction (£5), a vintage style pearl necklace and some little pearl earrings.

Tonight my daughter is going to tidy and thin my eyebrows and tomorrow am going to be practising my make-up and hair-do!

I have daring bright red lipstick and nail polish too!

Am laughing quietly at how excited I am getting about getting dressed up (seeing as I live in trousers, baggy tops and trainers) and am NOT going to let that fact of my large size and too tight dress stop this happening.

C xxxx

2 thoughts on “Final touches to my 1940s outfit…

  1. Awesome! Have fun and rock that dress. I know it’s too late for this event, but have you thought about hiring a seamstress to make/alter clothes for you? I once let a friend use my dining room as a sewing space in exchange for free alterations and handmade dresses(I’m very petite and store bought petite clothing is far too mumsy for me)

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