I am alive…honest!

NO blog for 3 weeks, No brushy hair for 2 days, no massive weight loss and STILL no man to snog, but I am alive... Yahooo!

I can’t believe its been a few weeks since I’ve updated my blog…..

I posted this piccy from the webcam now so you could see that in the three weeks of non-blogging I HAVEN’T returned to being a full size Jabba the Hutt but have remained at Jabba’s Slightly Slimmer Sister level… still nearly 70 lbs to lose before mid August (which will be the one year up)

Since the Christmas blip I have only lost a few lbs BUT there is light shedding itself in my direction….. HB Studios Fieldhouse and FREE walking passes. As most of us already know, people living through the war were very active in comparison to how we live our lives today. My job as a web manager for a local newspaper/ media group has me sat on my arse 8 hours a day and then when I get home at least a few more..

Because of my obesity I find it almost impossible to run or participate in very aerobic exercise BUT I can walk. And that is what I have been doing at my local sports centre with my friend and work colleague Jana. I think this is REALLY going to help..

Apologies for not posting JULIA’s recipe. I will do that tonight and please pop back for a TON of recipes I have been working on as well as weigh in updates and even how you can save LOTS OF MONEY by following a WWII rationing diet.

C xxx

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  1. A few years ago I saw an interview with a woman who had run the London Marathon. She had trained for two years – ‘what was your first training session?’ asked the interviewer.

    ‘A five minute walk’ was the reply.

    The lady was middle aged, overweight and unfit when she took that five minute walk. After running the marathon all that was left was that she was middle aged!

    • Wow…that really shows what can be achieved with persistence and determination. Quite amazing…. Thanks Isabelle- from little acorns…. c xxx

  2. Hi Carolyn

    Just a little note about the walking blog – have you seen Stephen Fry recently? He says he has lost his weight (about 6 stone I think) by walking everywhere. I believe he also listens to audibooks whilst walking, but you could listen to music if you preferred.

    Well done anyway – you are really looking great!

    • Hey Carol- I just Googled him and blimey! What a difference! PS Thank you xxxx Just need to get motivated now to shift the rest- walking has to be the way!

  3. Your employed, have a lovely family, and have a hobby you enjoy, and enjoy sharing (ie this blog). You are more successful and have more to cheer about than many today.

    Congradulations on the 70 lbs, you are almost there!

    • Nadine I am darn lucky for sure!!!!!!

      BTW- I have 70 lbs STILL left to lose!!! (actually way more but the goal was to lose 100 lbs in one year)

      Thansk so much for leaving a message!

      C xx

  4. I really enjoy this blog and I hope you continue after August… if you don’t find living this way for more than a year too much of a strain! I really admire what you’re doing, it’s fascinating and shows such determination.

    • Thanks Nikki and whatever I have lost come August I am still continuing. Not only am I enjoying doing this (although I occasionally slip up- I am only human!!) but it’s doing me a whole lot of good. Thanks for writing!! C xx

  5. Hi there,
    Great to see you back – have really missed you – so pleased to see that you you look SO GOOD – and definitely alive – your eyes say it all – just keep on walkin Lots of love Pat XXXX

  6. I’m really so inspired by what you’re doing. I’ve been spending some time on your blog here, and I’m very much impressed.

    I, also, am a fan of the 1940s and the WWII era. I LOVED the PBS documentary “1940s House,” and I think this is something I can strive to do.

    So, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to sort of emulate what you’re doing (with a little less authenticity, and a few other personal changes) and keep track of my progress on a blog as well! I think it’s such great idea!

    • Thanks dumbskitty!

      1940s House! I just LOVED that series- I have it on DVD somewhere and I can’t find it!!! Grrrrr

      You should do the blog thingy for sure! It’s not only interesting as a living history thing if you are interested in cuisine BUT it juts solidifies my thoughts that it ain’t so bad getting ‘back to basics’… it promotes not only a healthier diet essentially free off artificial flavours and preservatives, supporting the local economy by buying in season produce ( imported produce was hard to get hold of during the war) but actually saves a whole bunch on the cost of groceries (I just wish I could convince my kids to do the same- they are quietly impressed by many of the 1940s dishes and this is good to be able to show them how basic food can be delicious)

      Let me know once your blog is up and running as I’d love to read it!!

      C xxx

  7. I had wondered where you had got to, however by my ever so slightly late response to this blog, you can probably tell that I’ve been a bit elsewhere myself!

    I think you’re doing brilliantly and you have inspired me to try different avenues on the cooking front.

    I think if I can give up the cadburys chocolate everything else will probably come together! Tonight I have made 2 casseroles with Ox Cheek – one with onion, carrot, swede, bouquet garni, stock and half a bottle of wine we had left and the other with onion, bacon, carrot and half a bottle of stout! The red wine version is slow cooking overnight and the stout version will have ox kidneys added tomorrow and cooked for another hour or so. I’m then planning on splitting the beef and kidney one in half and making a suet pudding with one half and adding more veg to the other and having it with potatoes. The wine one will prob just be split in half and be frozen to be used later in the week. Have never cooked with Ox Cheek, but it was so cheap – I got 1.5kg for £7 and the Ox kidney was 99p for .5kg.

    I am hopeful that, with the better weather and longer days, so my exercise levels will increase. I am hampered by back problems that are unrelated to my size and the fact that I suffered postnatal heart failure almost 2 years ago following the birth of my youngest daughter, which has left both me and my immune system in the most appallingly run down state. However, I see every sunrise as a positive achievement and take delight from both of my little girls. I hope to reach a better relationship at some point with my 2 teenage (13 and nearly 15) stepkids who have been living with us for nearly 5 years and find joy in every occasion where they feel able to open up to me and be themselves. And I feel truly blessed to have such a supportive and loving husband and to have found a circle of friends and acquaintances in the local HE community who are kind and thoughtful.

    Not sure where all that came from – must be the 3am-ness of the moment! Hope you don’t mind the splurge!

    I look forward to reading more about your experiment and your inspiring way forward.

    Lesley x

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