I’ll be back..

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Just wanted you all to know I am still here- things didn’t go the way I wanted these past months and I fell well and truly off the wagon but am coming back to continue the journey and my passion very shortly… I now have HIGH SPEED at home which although is not 1940’s is a much needed addition to our rural household to keep the blog updated with photos and videos.. YES videos are coming… should be fun!

So thank you so much for coming back and checking out the website. Am very determined to lose 100 lb despite setting myself back

Hope everyone is well and has tried cooking one or two of my 1940’s recipes!

Love to all

C xxxxx


4 thoughts on “I’ll be back..

  1. Yeah!! Welcome back. Don’t be discouraged. We all fall off the wagon. Is falling off the wagon bad for your blog? No. Every blog needs a little drama. I look forward to seeing you continue your adventure.


  2. Nice to see you back Caroline – I can just about to manage to stick to a diet for 2 whole days! so think your efforts are amazing and love reading your blog.
    Particulary like the cheese whirls and your chocolate icingXXX


  3. Glad to see you back Caroline. I have been following your blog for some time, but I have not commented before now. I too am interested in a less materialistic lifestyle and in losing weight (although I am on the last lap of my weight loss journey with only 7 pounds to go. I have lost 42 pounds in a year) I have tried many of your recipes – a great standby is potato and carrot mash. When I visit people for a meal I eat everything. My weight loss was only commented on after I had dropped two dress sizes. My motivation for changing my eating habits was my health. I found less meat and more vegetables and fruit, plus a decent amount of carbohydrates, were the changes I made, and no PUDDINGS, CAKES OR SWEETS. I also eat fish twice a week. I think it is easier for me as I live alone and can easily control what food is brought into the house.
    It must be difficult when you have to cater for three growing children and temptation is always there. Mine are all grown up and married now but I certainly remember how hungry they were in their teens. I look forward to reading your blog and very good luck with your weight loss. It is great to have you back.
    Margaret (england)


  4. Yay, Welcome back Caroline,I will look forward to your wonderful posts, recipes and pictures and now I have films to look forwards to- Can’t wait! xx



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