Blog burn out

Just a very quick note to say- BLOG BURN OUT !!!

So sorry no updates for a while. I burned out as they say- very, very busy time for me at the moment and I stopped writing- even gave Facebook a rest!

Hope everyone is well- update coming soon as well as all  the recipes I have been storing!

C xxx


13 thoughts on “Blog burn out

  1. Hey, Caroline! Take a break……we all deserve one, now and then! Look forward to new posts, when you have more time. Will keep checking back! In the meantime, I have a wonderful little recipe book to recommend: “Wartime Recipes from the Maritimes” by Devonna Edwards, published 2001 by Nimbus Publishing in Halifax. Lots of great info., graphics, and recipes. Will try to post a pic of it (if I can figure out how to….)



  2. We all need to take a break at times and do other things. Enjoy yours! x

    PS sorry forgot to ask for follow up comments by email


  3. It can be difficult to keep up with a blog of such nature. I know! When you have time again it would be good to hear what your thoughts are on the wartime diet. I must admit, l have some books on rationing in WW2 and some of the recipes are pretty grim! So well done and hope to speak soon.


    • I will be back blogging really soon- miss it dreadfully and it keeps me motivated. All I know is that when I keep to eating wartime rations 100% the weight steadily comes off. IF I did more exercise it would even be better. Will be back real soon with lots of goodies to share because I LOVE my food!!! C xxx


  4. Please take care of yourself. Yes, exercise is part of weightloss, healthy eating is very important. I try to blog once a week after my Weight Watcher weigh in. With an infant, it is a bit hard to find the time (and energy) to write something coherent. So, I totally understand where you are coming from.


  5. OH Thank you for the recipes, i have been meaning to make cornish pasties for a while as something i could take to lunch, and now i have a recipe someone has tested. also, the vegetable stew, now i know what to do with the cabbage from last summer that needs out of the freezer


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