3 Month Health Check Living on WW2 Rations

I’m going to be getting back to creating new recipe posts and WW2 rationing content very soon but first I thought it would be good to share what changes have happened regarding my health in the first 3 full months of living on a wartime diet.

Click above to watch my video on YouTube which explains everything and logs all the data for anyone who is interested, I’ve also taken a few screenshots and dropped them into the post below.

For anyone interested in who I do my blood testing with for Cholesterol, Vit D, Liver, Thyroid, Kidney, Diabetes, Protein, Iron, B12 and CRP etc. I’ve been doing an annual test with Thriva for several years now, full details are on the video but I have a link here which will tell you more. http://www.thriva.co/i/CEWPGS

It’s lovely to be pain free in my back now when walking and to generally feel happier and healthier just 3 months into my year long journey.

Hope you are having a wonderful Easter.

Much love, C xxxxx

13 thoughts on “3 Month Health Check Living on WW2 Rations

  1. Dear Carolyn,
    That is absolutely brilliant.
    I do hope that you are feeling well, and have enjoyed these lovely sunny days.
    Best wishes, Nelliegrace

  2. Well done Carolyn, keep up the good work. You’re already seeing the benefits.
    Happy Easter from Janene.

  3. Wow, that’s amazing Carolyn. Do you have any hunger pangs and, if so, how do you cope with that. I find I get a little ‘hangry’ when hungry usually about half an hour before a meal. I eat good size healthy meals and in theory that should be enough.

  4. After three months, that’s a pretty impressive set of stats!

    At this rate, by the end of the year we’ll be able to say “You’re not half the woman you used to be…” 😉

    Well done.

  5. Well done C. What a difference also being pain free,great results in a relatively short time,think what the next months will bring.

  6. I am very happy for you! You inspire me – I started last week to see if it will work for me. So glad for your back pain relief, too!

  7. Oh dear, hope this does not multi post–
    It is so good to hear about your progress. Salute to your health.

    I am potatoes, potatoes, cabbage, cabbage, carrots, carrots. Celery, Green onion. Sweet potato, rutabaga (swede). Mushroom. Green split peas, lentils, other beans. Tinned tomato. Some rice. Oats. Whole wheat bread. I do a little chickpea, Tahiti, lemon, garlic. Olive oil. Broccoli, green beans, leafy greens. Love collard greens.

    I do a bit of egg, canned salmon & sardines. Some meat when cooking for my 89-year-old father, who lived through it all.

    I think hearing my father’s stories as I prepare these meals. His stories. Born 1934. Just a kid, telling me how he took his little wagon down to the railroad tracks to get ice for the icebox. He wa proud to be responsible for such an important job—and few pennies for candy. It kills me when he misty-eyed telling me stories about how simple life seemed.

    Not to downplay as he served in the Korean War and watches Fox News

    Hitting him up for stories

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