Thank you!


Just a little THANK YOU for the last two months…

  • Thank you for everyone who has taken the time to read a few pages from my blog. In two months that has added up to over 8000 page visits (not including myself)
  • Thank you for the 123 comments left since my blog started 2 months ago
  • Thank you for a recipes and comments on Facebook or by e-mail
  • Thank you for passing this link on..

Without YOU reading this blog or leaving little words of encouragement or sharing snippets of information I am SURE I couldn’t do it.

I am very, very grateful how you have helped me to lose this weight..


PS: Wanna see the yummy winning pies? CLICK HERE!

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13 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. You are very welcome Carolyn and it is very cheering to see how absolutely FANTASTIC you look. Your blog is compulsive reading and a great inspiration. You should write a book on the subject too

    Did you get to sample a Pie though?


  2. Thanks so much Pat..I sincerely mean it about all the support through reading and comments. I know that indicates neediness but I really do think that is what I have needed during these early days…….hence writing the blog really.

    I didn’t get to sample a pie- I held back. Each person who entered had to submit 2 pies. 1 pie was the one a sample was taken from for the judges to taste and you could buy a slice of pie from that pie for $3.00 after the contest had ended and the untouched second pies were auctioned off to raise money for the Scarecrow Festival (which this was part of)..

    I have some GREAT photos mostly taken by Emily that I will be putting up this afternoon on with all the names of the winners and pictures of the pies!!!

    C xx

    PS They looked and smelled delicious- each and everyone of them!

  3. Thanks MLA & Barbara! My regular clothes are definately getting much looser so that is encouraging!!!! Am so excited about eventually losing this second 25 lb…if I can stick to losing 2lb per week that should be off in less than 12 weeks!

    That would be 1/2 way there then to my 100 lb goal

    So I could really murder a curry (made with non 1940s ingredients) but that’s not much to sacrifice for a while really..

    C xxx

  4. C – I think Lentils would have been available in the 40’s – can you make a dhall – even cauliflower and potato curry is not bad – I know it’s not as good as the real thing though.

    Anyway – here’s to the next 25lbs


  5. I very much doubt that lentil would have been available in Britain in 1940, they came in ships for a start so would not have been sent over. That aside the 1940’s household would not have known what to do with lentils let alone try and eat them.

  6. Hello MLA,

    I disagree

    I remember my Mother and grandmothers putting lentils in soups and stews in the late 1940’s.
    Also my Mother in Law used to make a ‘curry’ using lentils and leftover meats and she was taught to make this in the1930’s by an Indian lady living in England
    The French also always used lentils in their country cooking.

    It would be very interesting to know where they came from.
    Will try to investigate

  7. I have this amazing recipe for a simple pea and potato curry that is to die for! Fry up one large chopped potatoe and a small chopped onion until almost tender. Remove from heat and toss in one half teaspoon each, garlic, coriander, cumin, cayenne pepper, pinch of dry mustard powder. Salt and pepper to taste. Stir it well and add about a half cup of peas. Add enough water to JUST barely cover the mixture and simmer for about half an hour. I like the mixture tucked into a flour and water pastry that is fried into a samosa.

  8. Oh my gosh…did someone mention the word curry? Could they get hold of and did they use spices generally like coriander, cumin and cayenne pepper during WWII 1940’s?

    Keeping fingers crossed and thanks for this recipe..

    I will do some research..

    If I can’t have it now I will do when the year is up!!!!!


    C xx

  9. Karen

    That is mouthwatering – I know what I’m cooking today.

    Carolyn – why don’t you give yourself a treat when you are halfway through – I’m sure you’ll lose the next 25lbs quicker if there is a curry at the end of it!!


  10. According to http://www.menumagazine the first appearance of curry on a British menu was the The Coffee House in the Haymarket in 1773.
    However, the first establishment dedicated solely to Indian cuisine was the Hindostanee Coffee House, Portman Sq. in 1809.

    It seems that by the 1920’s curry houses began to open up all over London.

    When I next speak with Giles Mum (she is 98 years old now!)- I’ll ask her if she remembers if she could get curry powders or spices and lentils during the war.


  11. That would be great Pat! I see the odd mention of curry powder in my recipe books but NEVER the individual indian spices… I’ll also have a look in my books for lentils as I am curious now- I know they used to use dried beans quite a lot (an extra form of protein because of lack of meat)..

    C xx

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