7 month on WW2 rations weigh-in + before and after photos

Dear all, I’ve recorded a video regarding my thoughts and feelings around my weigh-in at 7 months living on WW2 rations.

There is so much to say, less time to write but I do promise to try and get more writing done. I have been keeping extensive personal diaries on this year and hope to share parts of them starting during my Christmas break. I hope the content will help people who are struggling with their weight or food addictions like me, or struggling with the cost of living too. This year has been such a journey for many, many reasons. So many of you have been such a support to me. Thank you.

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Also please take a moment to check out Sues Blog “A Smaller and Simple Life” – it’s a delightful blog and Sue will have WW2 rationing content coming up which I know will interest you!

Much love, C xxxx

18 thoughts on “7 month on WW2 rations weigh-in + before and after photos

  1. Carolyn, you look absolutely beautiful! Radiant! And you are so inspiring. Thank you for doing this and for keeping us informed of your progress.

  2. You look amazing! Keep it going. Obviously with todays appliances it does make it easier to be more creative with meals. My mother used to cook the same meals every week so we knew what dinner would be! After the war money was tight and benefits were laughably insufficient so we filled up on bread and scrape with whatever was in the cupboard, sugar, currants, marmite or jam. We were always hungry but easily satisfied!

  3. Carolyn….your own pretty face shining through, I hope you are enjoying the changes you are making! Keep it up, ann lee s

  4. Four-stone down?

    Way-hay… time to par-tay!!

    Of course, you’ll have to be on the carrot juice and beetroot nibbles. Can’t ruin it at this stage of the game… 😉

  5. Hi Caroline,

    Well Done I wish I had what you have in the way to loose the weight your recipes and stories along with great adventures diarys you need to be in a Best selling book for all us out there
    Keep it all up

  6. Hello Caroline,

    Big well done with everything keep up ally his great work you’re doing till the next blog and recipe.

    👍🏻from Caroline 👍🏻

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