Thank you, you’ve really helped!

THANK YOU to everyone! I just wanted to let you know that thanks to YOU, I’ve finally been able to to move my blog off a FREE WordPress platform (after over 10 years!!) to a proper WordPress business hosting platform.

The kind donations through PayPal that I have received via my blog over the past year have paid for nearly 50% of this new plan and this enabled me to convince myself to go for it!!!

What does this mean? Although you won’t notice any differences right now, it does mean that over the next few months I can completely move my blog over to a more up to date professional theme on a staging site and hopefully have the new look website go live at Christmas (when I next have some time off!). Also it will allow the website to have a LOT more functionality and look a lot nicer.

Special shout out to the following supporters who made this happen: Emma, Kim, Kaye, Gwyeth, Irene, Sue, Lisa and Shirley AND to everyone who reads my blog or watches my YouTube channel. You have all helped enormously!

And of course a lovely warm thank you to the wonderful group members over on Facebook for sharing such wonderful daily updates and 1940s recipes and all things 1940s! The group has grown to almost 4500 members in such a short time and truly is a wonderful area for escapism.

Thank you, C xxxx

2 thoughts on “Thank you, you’ve really helped!

  1. Well done – so pleased for you! I have been following you for years, and I’m thrilled you’re able to move on like this. Blessings on the next exciting stage of the journey 👍❤️😀you really help and inspire so many folk. Thank you

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