It had to come off, emotional release!

Cutting my hair was going to be symbolic of losing 100 lbs this year BUT I have been hating my hair so much it has been painful to live with it. To me it is reminding me daily of emotional pain, I couldn’t deal with that for 1 day longer. The hot weather gave me the final shove and today I discarded that pain, 14 inches of it!

Out with the old, in with the new and today I’m 62 lbs down since January!

C xxxx

PS: This length hair will be a lot easier for 1940s hairstyles too!

34 thoughts on “It had to come off, emotional release!

  1. Amazing!! It looks great 🙂 I recently did the same thing. First heatwave of the summer decided to hit last week, and I had been procrastinating about cutting my hair for months. Chopped it all off and feel so much lighter. It’s just crazy how much of a difference it make.

  2. Carolyn that takes years off you! So very elegant.Gone with the hair all that emotional “stuff”.
    You really are awesome. Sorry you all had covid.
    Onwards and upwards darling girl.💕

    • Thank you so much June!!! Was lucky that Covid was mild this time but 9 months or so ago when I had it last time it was awful!!! My eldest has had it bad but my youngest had it mild xxxx C

  3. Good for you! It’s hard to give up something, even when it causes up pain, emotional or physical! I’m super impressed by your healthy weight-loss pace of less than 2 pounds per week, if my math is right! You’re an inspiration, as well as a fount of knowledge!

    • Thank you again Barb, yes I’m losing weight in a slow and sustainable way, some days I’m hungry and eat more, some days less but haven’t over eaten or binged since the beginning of January. Am honestly eating lots of healthy natural foods, feel like I’m finally beating it xxxx C

    • Thank you Mary Ann, I want to try and look after myself a bit better and getting my hair chopped of is another step forward, thank you so much. I thought a one length LOB was a good choice to start with xxxxx

  4. Glorious gal! And lovely colour. But I’m jealous of how thick it is!😘 Absolutely the right decision. Kudos to the stylist too!

    • Thank you xxx I have lots of fine hair but suffered with quite a lot of hair loss during the early part of Covid but I’ve worked hard on making sure I eat really well this year on rations and it has thickened up a bit xxxx C

  5. That looks lighter, Carolyn.
    I cut my own long hair all through lockdown. It was fairly straight and I wore it in a thin plait. On my first visit to the hairdresser he cut it just too short to plait. £14 for a two minute trim! I was going to crochet a net to keep it tidy. It is shocking how prices have gone up. It will save a bit of precious shampoo.

    This heatwave has been awful. I went into Messrs. Sainsbury’s out of the heat, and they had a few packets of pinto beans. I haven’t seen them for ages. Two ration points for a bag, very well used. They had red label loose leaf tea which our store has not had for a while. I wonder how easy it would be to register there? Almost every week there is something not available and the meal plan gets juggled around.

    I was very pleased to get a box of well-hemmed of linen handkerchiefs to put away for Christmas, from our favourite store. They were well hidden behind something else. There were four instead of the usual quarter of a dozen, two pink, one blue and one green, in a plain box, and I used two coupons. There is no embroidery, just the new CC41 stamp and some numbers. I wonder if that will be a piece of history one day?

    I read such a funny book from the Open Library, Miss Ranskil Comes Home, by Barbara Bowers. The heroine had been on a desert island and didn’t know anything about the war, and rationing, and coupons, and went shopping for a whole outfit, and ate all of her butter in one go! She cut her own hair!

    We got the two new chickens after some delay. There were very few left and some had been promised elsewhere. There was a bit of a worry about the chicken feed, but it is sorted now. They enjoyed the small sunflower that grew in the garden.

    Keep well.

  6. It truly looks wonderful. Weird how much your hair can make you feel! You already looked as if a weight has been lifted!!!!!

  7. Wow Caroline! You look fabulous! And years younger! (Let’s us see your lovely happy face better, too!) I hope you can hear me cheering you on from way down here.

  8. Hair has so much personal meaning! When I turned 55, I decided to stop cutting my hair which was very short and I let it grow out. I’m loving the length and how easy it is to throw into a ponytail. All of the ladies here have the same very short “granny haircut” and I didn’t want that! I can really appreciate how liberating it is to cut it shorter and the style you’ve chosen works to make you look younger. Your hair looks so healthy.

  9. I did a chop after I went through menopause–my hair became even finer than it was and shoulder length was too long for it. I have a chin-length bob. Short enough, but not too short. Your hair looks great! 🙂

  10. Your new shorter cut looks amazing on you, very chic, and yes the 1940’s hairstyles will be so much easier with this length won’t they. Congratulations on your 62lbs weight loss … that is fantastic, you must be so pleased. xx

  11. Four and a half stone down since January… let’s make it a nice round five by the end of the month. You CAN do it. 🙂

    Oh, and my hair’s still longer than yours, even before you cut it. Mind you, as a 56 year old (next week) bloke, one is somewhat grateful it hasn’t all fallen out yet!! LOL!!

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