Week 1: 1940s Meal Planner Completed!

Just a quick update as I’ve literally finished work, had to walk to the pharmacy in town before it closed, made dinner and did some chores and then sat down and wrote my meal plan for the 1st week of the “Living on WW2 Rations Experiment”.

Before anyone asks about protein, many of my stews will contain some lentils or high protein beans, I haven’t 100% decided exactly what is what but tomorrow night I will work this out and write my shopping list for rationed foods, points food and non-rationed foods. PS: You might find this snippet interesting below, it shows the average calories per person in the UK before, during and after during wartime/rationing plus the amount of protein people were consuming. People were pretty active then. I think they were doing OK without the protein shakes!

So here is my menu for the 1st week, I will be making smaller portions and also using leftovers up the next day. I’ve included 3 puddings a week and the rest of the time it will be a piece of fruit in bed at night!

What have you got planned? C xxx

10 thoughts on “Week 1: 1940s Meal Planner Completed!

  1. You’re a brave woman than me! 2 slices of toast would never suffice for my breakfast.
    I haven’t and won’t be planning a menu, I hate it with a passion. I have ideas, like I know I want to save my cheese so that I can have cauliflower cheese on week 2 or 3. I know I will be making a soup, which will last me a couple of days and I would like to save sugar so that I can make some cordial, ‘cos 2 teaspoons of tea a day ain’t a lot!
    I am trying to avoid, as much as is possible, shopping in supermarkets, so what I find on the market or in the local shops will be the basis of my meals.

    Good luck to everyone taking part.

  2. I love this! I will be following with such interest. Why did white collar workers need more calories than the working class? Amazing.

  3. Thanks Carolyn, I like your week’s menu. Once home I will use that for my first week, starting the 20th. This has come just the right time for me, I am so struggling with… well everything at the moment. I need to be eating healthy and walking for my mental and physical well being, to enable me to cope better. So I am really grateful for all the work you have put into this, knowing your life has been challenging lately. Sent with love.June xx

    • Awww thank you June, I believe eating well and walking more is a huge help. I’m going to try and walk more again like you plan too xxx My own 1st weeks menu of course is one without meat and dairy (will be using plant-based cheese) so I think people on the standard ration would incorporate meat into their week. I’ve also had to incorporate three desserts during the week too (which I normally don’t bother with in real life) so that will be something nice to look forward to. I hope things improve for you June, it’s horrid when one is struggling with a number of things, hugs xxxx C

  4. I’ve got some thoughts floating around just not put down on paper yet🙄 & I’ve also got a week in Wales with family, so that maybe a little harder to maintain but we’ll see🤞🏻

  5. I’ve been looking at the ration amounts again recently. The amount of sugar on ration really still surprises me. 8oz a week is a lot these days. I never have eaten puds, apart from from our rhubarb. I made jam last year, but it’s sat in the fridge still, half eaten.
    I’ll be following your next efforts with interest.

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  7. This menu seems like a lot of work. All of the different dinners, loaves of bread, et cetera. Do you do any kind of food preparation to reduce your time in the kitchen? I hope you aren’t spending your days slaving over a cutting board!

    For example, I use part of my Sunday afternoons too prepare the main parts of my family’s meals for the coming week. Lunches for my wife and I are usually leftovers, but the kids get more choices.

    I’ve always been fascinated with the many ways others cook.

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