Marple WI and overcoming a fear


Overcame one of the biggest fears in my life last night and stood up in front of about 65 people and talked for 1/2 hour essentially about the year (2012) I stuck to wartime rationing and lost 80lbs.

Marple WI were just lovely and very kind and despite the fact that I couldn’t feel my legs, sweated buckets and kept having to rush to the toilet to pee, I bloody did it!!! Joss was lovely and helpful and everyone very encouraging. Marple WI rock!!! Oh and they made loads of wartime recipes- had a huge slab of delish raisin cake!


wi3It was the first time I had ever been to a WI meeting in my life and let me tell you it was WONDERFUL! A cross section of ages, happy, welcoming and inspiring ladies! Richard was so impressed he said why on earth wasn’t there a WI equivalent for men and that men could learn a thing or two from these women!

He was right…

I’d strongly recommend that women sign up to their local Women’s 10323986_10152119059567361_6859324139491355192_nInstitute IMMEDIATELY!

Thank you Marple WI for a lovely evening and thank you Mr Tiddles for being with me there all the way and helping me face my fears…

C xxxxxxx

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