To focus on the road ahead

546403_10151069264222361_581477650_nWas reminded rather sharply yesterday that I have to get back on track ASAP…

I found this photo I had used on the blog about a a year or so ago when my weight was about 3.5 stone/50lbs less than it is now. Currently I’m around the  20st 5lbs /285lbs mark… looking at the top image when I was about 25stone/350lbs I just cannot bear the thought of returning to that purgatory.

So at the moment I’m trying to get psyched, to slip into that frame of mind that exhibits focus and determination and perseverance so the lbs will once again start to be cast aside and each step becomes lighter.

I’ve got potatoes in the oven and plans to try a couple of new dishes out of old cookery books, and I’m sipping my first cuppa tea of the day (without milk).

I once read that to keep away from the food cupboard, keeping ones hands busy is a good technique. I’ve started polishing an old Victorian , acorn topped, copper kettle that Richard found in his attic (which belonged to his Mum)….


Everytime I feel the urge to raid the cupboards, I’m placing the copper kettle in front of me, reaching for the Brasso and cleaning a little patch at a time.  The beautiful copper colour is emerging, it’s true colours hidden away under layers of life but with a little TLC, determination and perseverance (much like the qualities needed to conquer a weight problem)  it’s brilliance will be restored..

One could learn a thing or two from this copper kettle.

PS Copper kettle updates on my Instagram

31 thoughts on “To focus on the road ahead

  1. That sounds like a great idea Carolyn , then you can both shine together…it is a beautiful piece, how lovely to have it in your kitchen to remind you of your goals xx

  2. Fantastic idea Carolyn (I need to knuckle down as well, I can’t seem to break the 20stone barrier! the lowest I have got to is 20st 2lb πŸ™ ), hmm time to dig my tapestry/knitting out again I reckon!

  3. I have managed only 6 pounds in two weeks, with exercise. Starting to feel a little frumpy as the wintery months approach. Need to do better before heading off to UK for four weeks.

    But I love your idea Carolyn of keeping the hands busy when the munchies attack!!!

  4. Girl, I really hope my comment won’t be taken as mean as it means to be constructive but I’m not going to flower things up because I don’t think you’re weak to need that at all! I have read your blog for quite a while and know you’ve been through a lot, the move, the job, the man…but really, how can you let yourself gain weight?
    On October 6, 2013 you wrote […]I’ve weighed in this morning and I weigh 282 lbs (20 st 2 lbs) so you can see a lot of weight has crept back on.[…]
    On May 29, 2014 you write: […]Currently I’m around the 20st 5lbs /285lbs mark…[…]
    This means no progress in 7 months. I read too many “I need to” and “I’m going to”, I think you need more “I did” and in some ways it feels to the reader like the wonderful woman who lost all that weight has also lost her kick somewhere on the way.
    The journey you have started is a lifestyle, not a diet. A diet is something you do for a while, then it ends, either because you finish it or because there’s a bump on the road. A lifestyle is forever, unless you decide to revolution your life as well. It’s not easy and you know that yourself, no need to remind you, there are bumps on the road and there is not always the right food available, fine, fine, but for some reason, people make lifestyle changes everyday and many stick to them. It’s a choice, it’s saying ok I’m having this instead of that because that is my lifestyle, my belief, what I want to do, because ultimately it’s all down to that, what you WANT to do (bold letters as in what you really want, not as in shouting, pardon the lack of internet manners).
    I read this post and see you state what you don’t want, to go back to your starting weight, but I don’t see what you want and how you’ll do it. Be positive, don’t look back, set intention and lastly, be unstoppable. Be a force of nature, come back here in 6 months, or one year, or whatever goal you decide for yourself and tell us you made it. Just do it.

    PS: I expect to have to pick up my jaw from the floor in 6-12-whatever months, looking at your fat loss.

    • This resonates with me, I have posted on my healthy living blog that I need to shake myself and get on again!

      • It’s NOT icky reading at all!! I am going to read this through as well as some more of Lorna’s blog later on when I sit down for an afternoon break after shopping. And BTW I have a long mirror at the end of my bed propped up and it’s not my best friend but at least I can’t get away from the fact and ignore it and I’m jealous because you look like you have a little tummy (mine is huge!!)…. hugs and kisses xxxxxxxx

    • You are SOOOOO spot on Mir… you are so right. My weight has remained stagnant for several months and I can’t seem to recapture that essence that I had when I lost 80lbs in a year and it scares me… it scares me that I’ll get even bigger again. I’ve maintained…have made sure of that but am not where I want to be… don’t get me wrong…there is not a day goes by where I don’t worry about the consequences of staying at the weight I am and I KNOW in my heart this will e resolved but I’m really struggling right now to get that drive back, that essential force needed to be driven and successful that anyone needs to succeed in what they set out to achieve..

      And really right now I’ve got more support than ever- NOW is the perfect time to drop and be moving swiftly forward…

      I’ve looked at my stagnant weight loss over the months and it upsets me somewhat…feel a bit of a failure in many ways- don’t like that feeling.

      At the end of the day it’s only the person themselves that can do it, can achieve it, can WANT it and must have it above all else.

      I guess these past months have been a time for inward reflection but as we all know that doesn’t actually achieve any physical results.

      I AM going to do this… my goal is to get below 200 lbs.

      Maybe today is NOT a good day to make raisin cake but rather shine that copper kettle πŸ™‚

      Thanks Mir- I totally am open to constructive criticism, especially when I can see that person is 100% right.

      You said it!!!

      C xxxx <3

  5. You will do it Carolyn, have u thought about a weekly meal plan, might give you the boost to start afresh, and shop online. X

    • Claire- I may just do that. Plan a weeks wartime menu ahead and know exactly what to prepare for. That’s an excellent idea! xxxx

      • Good point! YES! OK YES! I’ll start planning a week ahead to start maybe next Tuesday as I am away this weekend starting tomorrow. Like the idea of new recipes xx

  6. You are an inspiration! I believe in “taking the path to become the path” and even though we may stray from the path or take side roads, the important thing is that you come back to the path and continue. You are! You can do it! We all can do it.

    I look forward to cheering you on, on you weight loss health journey and know that whatever path any of us are on we can do it, too!

    My own path is finding an agent for my vintage jtterbug novel.

    Now, I must mention the kettle, since I’m a vintage fan and that’s how I found you. It’s gorgeous. Please keep us updated when you’ve got it done. I have a modern kettle from World Market that is supposed to whistle, but groans like a cow. One day I will have a vintage kettle on my vintage stove πŸ™‚

    Thank you sharing your life with us!

    ~ Tam Francis ~

    • Aww thanks Tam… you are all so encouraging and makes me feel all warm and cosy LOL xxx I’m hoping your novel gets snatched up ASAP! xxxxxx

  7. Hiya luv,Please don’t be too hard on yourself just at the moment,it has not been a normal week has it??.Richard.xx

    • xxxx Hugs – thanks, and yes. It’s been a trying week or two for a number of reasons but today am running on a full tank and the engine is functioning as it should be. Thank you for looking after me Richard. Love you so much xxxx

  8. Look after you!!!!,Don’t be daft,Look how much you do for me and everybody else.I have waited nearly 57 years to be with you,you WILL get to a happy weight place,it might not be where you were before but somewhere close ,just use now to read the suggestions etc you have received and try a slight change of regime,maybe you were too hard on yourself on previous attempts,you have a lovely brain,you will work it out.
    And here is me saying on a social media site,I love you with everything i

  9. hold tight to that man. Don’t tell my wonderful husband but I think I love your Richard too.
    You know what I like most about you? the fact that you put yourself out there . I think that is so brave. You have a village of like minded people around you. you have every ones support we wont let you stray any longer.


    • Hehehehe I think that is a LOVELY thing to say! xxx I’m hanging on to him….he’s manly and sensitive and beardy and speaks his mind and holds my hand and loves my wobbly bits and makes the best Bakewell Tart in the world. And there is other stuff too that I couldn’t possibly repeat as I’m a lady….

      Thanks Holly xxxx

      • Oh and years ago when I watched a movie I adore, Julie and Julia, I thought to myself the perfect man for me would be a man like Paul Child’s, loved food, loved to be supportive and both could laugh like drains and be passionate about love and life…. Richard Barnes is my Sheffield Version of Paul Child’s πŸ™‚ “What do you really love to do…” “Eat Food!!”… “My God you are so good at it…”… πŸ™‚

  10. Well, I think it’s great that you’ve MAINTAINED your weight for seven months! That in itself is an achievement because anyone who has once carried extra weight can put it back on much more quickly than someone who hasn’t ever been overweight.

    Also, just look at all the life changes you’ve had in those seven months – most people would have completely lost sight of a weight loss goal with all those more pressing problems. I know it’s important for your health to shed that fat, but it’s not as urgent as finding somewhere to live and finding a job. Good grief, you can’t have it all, all at once! Plus, you’ve been distracted by your wonderful relationship. Just watch out there though – you’re living the good life with Richard and that’s likely to make you gain weight. All my weight gain happened AFTER I found Mr Right!

    Don’t beat yourself up about all this. You might want to consider ditching the scales and going over to measuring inches though. That is what I am going to do … since putting back all of the 1 stone 4 pounds I lost on this diet! It has happened in exactly one week, and all I’ve done is have a small piece of cake on two days and an Indian takeaway on a third. It’s totally freaky to put on 10 pounds in one day, especially when that day was spent doing 11 hours gardening and decorating! My size, however, seems to have stayed the same. And it’s a reasonably good size too. So, from now on I’m doing what all the personal trainers at the gym have ALWAYS advised, which is to stop weighing myself altogether, and only measure. The old scales are not going into the new bathroom. It’s going to be finished tonight, but I’m going to re-decorate somewhere else now because I think activity makes the biggest difference of all. Oh, and I’m staying on wartime rations because I LOVE seasonal, fresh, home-made food, and I love to eat with understanding.

  11. I found that finding the “time stopper” in my life was the most helpful thing when I was losing weight.

    A time stopper is something that you like to do – an interest, passion or just something that makes you happy. You will recognize yours because when you do it time seems to disappear. You look up and can’t believe that so much time has passed. This sort of activity guarantees that you won’t be eating – even thinking of food.

    The time stoppers of my life are writing poetry or reading a great book or walking my dogs.

    Maintaining your weight is a great victory. I spent many years on yoyo diets (some were bungy jumps) and none of them were successful and I was miserable. One day I decided to just let myself be. At first I ate very badly – even worse than before – but very quickly I began to miss good food. And when I allowed myself everything I actually began to eat a lot less. I lost about 20 pounds over a year without even thinking about it and levelled off at a weight of 240 lbs which I kept without any fluctuation up or down for 10 years. I was in very good health and very active even with this weight. Then one day I decided to try eating just a little less. Cut everything by a quarter. After that it was just a matter of cutting a bit more and waiting for time to pass.

  12. Sometimes the best helping hand is a good firm push.

    We all love and support you. With everything that has happened in this past year you never gave up, sidetracked yes, but your heart is still in it.
    I too went through an upheaval, not on the scale that you did Carolyn. I moved to another state and in doing so have lost my support system. There is no one here that gives a damn about this lifestyle change I’ve been trying to maintain. That’s why I keep coming back to your blog. The encouraging comments from your readers also keeps me going. Mir is correct in saying that this is a lifestyle change not just a diet.

    When I first started doing the ration diet the pounds dropped off of me. I went from 264 pounds to 201. Then I slowly started to gain it back. Luckily I plateaued at 217 pounds, I say luckily because I didn’t gain it all back, but it just won’t budge one way or the other. I keep losing and gaining the same four pounds over and over again. I’m more active than I was before moving too (I chase two toddlers around all day long!) My goal is to get below 200 pounds but it may never happen. Doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I understand how frustrating it can get trying to reach your goal. You are not a failure. You’ll get there with the help of that darling man of yours and all of your friends on here cheering you on.
    Stay focused, keep your eyes on the prize and damn the torpedoes…full speed ahead!

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