Raisin Cake Lovingly Handmade by Lorna at the WI


At the Marple WI meeting last week, there was a table of Wartime Recipes the ladies at the WI had created. All looked wonderful but as I am a sucker for fruit cake and am a greedy girl, I reached for a big slab of the delicious looking ‘Wartime Raisin Cake’…

And yes, it was tasty and yes I would have eaten a second and third slice if I could have got away with it but as I was due to speak in front of a room full of women, it may have been impolite to stop mid speak to enjoy picking raisins out of my teeth.

Anyway, the Wartime Raisin Cake was ‘Lovingly Handmade by Lorna’ and she has the recipe in her blog so please take a moment to pop over there for a taste!

And thank you Lorna for being kind about my WI talk in your blog post too!


Hmmmm, maybe I’ll have to have a go at this recipe today, problem is I know it will be impossible to stop at one slice…

C xxx

7 thoughts on “Raisin Cake Lovingly Handmade by Lorna at the WI

  1. What a surprise to see my cake on your blog!! i am so pleased that you like it enough to post about it. Thank you. Luckily (or unluckily depending on how you view it) in our house there are always plenty of willing hands and tummies waiting to eat whatever I bake so I don’t get to over indulge. This cake could be cut up and frozen in individual portions to keep temptation at bay. Let me know how yours turns out.

    • Actually that’s a GREAT idea! (freezing individual portions) as you would have to be desperate to reach for frozen cake and gnaw at it!!! Hope you didn’t mind me putting your cake image up (I put your URL on and its all linked to your blog)…just say if you’d prefer it removed or whatever…. YES lots of hands and tummies would help with temptation too for sure! C xxx

  2. Going to give this a go. It is similar to the Cider Loaf (Uffleculme cake) – which my Wife makes, and is Fat Free.

  3. Tried this recipe on the weekend……delicious! Must have been a real treat during rationing. Thanks to Lorna for making it, and thanks to Carolyn for posting the link! Wish I could have been at the WI meeting to enjoy it in person!

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