Polishing the Copper Kettle as therapy

Just thought I’d share my progress… most of the front is now done.

More polishing, less food….

It’s a Victorian Acorn top Copper Kettle circa late 19th century and can’t wait to use it as a prop in some  food photos.





22 thoughts on “Polishing the Copper Kettle as therapy

    • I’ve still got the back to do and then I’ve got to sort out the inside as I’d like to use it!! 🙂 xxx Other distraction techniques include snogging Richard… 🙂 xx


    • I’m not sure about the inside yet but I’d really like to use it sometimes too! I’ll let you know once I find out!! xx


    • Shhhh don’t let everyone know I’m rubbish at it and you beat me every single time (except once)… and that was because I got SQUID on a triple word score…. 🙂 xxx


  1. For the inside, try boiling water first, then sterident. We always have some in the house (none of us have dentures). Leave overnight, to do its business, then wash out. You could also try rhubarb, I always found the pan really clean after cooking rhubarb.


    • Oo never would have thought of that… will give it a go. I have rhubarb in my freezer from last summers garden but no dentures yet but worth buying to clean it!!! Cheers!


  2. Well, here are so many co-incidences. First, I was eating my home-grown fresh rhubarb yesterday, and wondered if it was taking the enamel off my teeth, it was so acerbic. I’m sure it would work wonders for your kettle. Second, I was polishing brass yesterday too! It was a shaving mirror that had to look good to go back in the new bathroom. It was a very quick job though, so I’m glad Richard has more kettles in store because you’ll quickly finish this one. I find the best distraction in the kitchen, especially whilst waiting for food to cook, is a book. Reading can nearly always distract me from a meal if I’m silly enough to leave a magazine on the table. Eating without awareness is the stupidest thing to do. All those calories consumed for nothing. So, using a book to stop myself ‘picking’ is a pretty good strategy. I always have one in the kitchen.


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