Cheap, nutritious, wartime recipes


Have been doing some research into Vitamin, Mineral and Protein content of some wartime recipes and just trying to push the fact that some are infact pretty nutritious and cheap and quick to make…

One of my favourites which I make quite regularly


A thank you to Cheryl who just posted an alternative Colcannon recipe from Nova Scotia, Canada. her grandmother used to make it for them!


3 thoughts on “Cheap, nutritious, wartime recipes

  1. I like the idea of putting in pork scraps which are taken out before serving. Nice way of getting the flavour from the pork. Of course, these days we don’t like to eat a scrap of fat we don’t have to. It isn’t like in war time when (to quote from that give-away download book you posted the link to last week) they thought of fat as “a valuable source of energy”. Hahaha! Can you imagine ever hearing a that phrase coming out of anyone’s mouth these days!? We live in a very different world.

  2. I’ve made this a few times at work for the troops. My only addition to this is a few Irish Bangers. Actually, its the only way I eat the things. But suffice it to say a 12lb load of it only goes so far around the crew of 35 I’m feeding.

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