Homity Pie at The Peacock in Bakewell


They DO serve 1940s food at some places…

Last night Mr Tiddles (Richard) and I drove up into the beautiful Derbyshire countryside to Bakewell (yes where Bakewell tarts originate from and Richard makes the best Bakewell tart on the planet!) for a pub supper.


The Peacock in Bakewell is my most favourite pub to eat at. The chef knows how to cook vegetables, the portions are generous and the food is fresh,  tasty and presented very nicely. We both craved ‘Homity Pie’… served with new potatoes, a panache of vegetables and a mound of rocket.

And Homity Pie has it’s origins in the 1940s during WW2. It is said that ‘Land Girls’ created the dish and took the pies to work with them. Homity Pie is an open small deepish pie with a pastry bottom and sides, filled with seasoned/herbed mashed potato plus onions or leeks and a little cheese over the top and very tasty indeed… (The Peacocks version had garlic in it)


I’ll be making one soon for the blog but for the meantime, feast your eyes on these piccys (yes I do take pictures of food wherever I go)

And after our supper we went to Monsal Head and looked down upon the valley as the sun set. It was glorious, breathtaking, beautiful…

NOTHING can beat natures beauty, it’s just even better that now I have someone to share it with.

C xxxxxxxxx



6 thoughts on “Homity Pie at The Peacock in Bakewell

  1. Absolutely beautiful Carolyn, the meal, the pub and that view into the valley. I am in UK for 4 weeks in July/August and have been wondering about where to go for little trips. You have given me one great idea!!!
    I’m still so happy for you that you have someone to share beautiful moments with too.


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