Helllooooo !

I  am alive….. 🙂

Am seriously almost as huge as a house- weight up and down because life has thrown me some incredibly busy and crazy times (emotionally as well as physically) and guess what happens when you start eating modern food laden with hidden fats, colours, preservatives, salts etc- you balloon!!

I am not beaten though- this has to become the biggest and most important mission of my life if I am to enjoy a life worth living (and by that I mean my  obesity NOT hindering so many things I would love to do)..

The 1940s Experiment is ongoing- despite the setback I know this is the way I will become healthy once again. My obsession with historical cuisine is a perfect way to keep me interested and now the only thing stopping me completing the mission is me. It is important to find the time everyday to cook and the 1940s way of eating does take time to prepare..

Hope you are all being successful in your missions..

C xxxxxxxx

PS Some good news and fun news too.. I have been asked by http://www.1940sukradio.co.uk to host a regular spot on their radio station. I get to not only pick some fab 40’s songs but will be sharing 1940’s recipes and home front tips. Keeping my fingers crossed that they like what I produce and if I get the go ahead then will share the details on here- should be great fun and it’s a great radio station!

6 thoughts on “Helllooooo !

  1. I am sorry to hear of your troubles…I hope things get better for you. I also hope you post when your show airs…I love reading about what is happening to you, and would love to have a chance to listen to your show. I am not from the UK…I am from the States…but some things from that time are similar. I love the hints and ideas.

    I am rooting for your success in all your ventures.


  2. Carolyn

    I’m so pleased for you! Just remember that what you are doing is extremely difficult, the people in the 40’s had no choice and would’ve gone for the chocolate if they could get it!
    I just want to thank you for this blog, it has been a source of joy for me during this past year, which hasn’t been one of the best times of my life. I have learned one thing from the cancer and that is to take things a bit at a time. Don’t be upset if you fall of the diet, just take small steps if that is all that you can do. Just four months ago I was bald and too weak to give myself a bath. I am now soo much stronger but it takes time! You didn’t gain weight overnight, so it won’t leave overnight. Celebrate your victories but don’t spend too much time on the failures.

    Carolyn you are wonderful person who happens to be beautiful, intelligent and has a wicked sense of humour. Just remember to be kind to yourself, when you are ready you won’t need food to make you happy.

    Oh dear I hope I don’t sound like I’m preaching. I haven’t lost any weight, I had thought that chemo would’ve helped but the steroids made me GAIN weight. Now that sucks!! lol

    Looking forward to all the new posts,


  3. Lovely to hear from you again, Carolyn! How exciting to host a 1940’s radio show! I am so pleased for you!

    Regardless of how the 1940’s Experiment is going, please keep posting, as there are so many of us out here who love to check-in with you, and look forward to your funny and real way of looking at life.

    I, too, have a fascination with the 1940’s, and I also am working on losing weight, so I feel connected to you on that basis. Look forward to hearing more from you!

    Cynthia (Marjorie1940)

  4. Hi Carolyn…

    Can’t wait until you know when your slot will be on the radio… it is anachronistic I know, emailing while listening to Bing Crosby on the internet, but it makes me feel kind of warm and comforted.

    I keep trying the WWII rationing diet but the modern day temptations are too strong sometimes! Sunday is going to be the next start of my WWII diet. I always try to make the roast last until Wednesday (there are only two of us). My problem is that I tend to eat all my rations within a couple of days – especially the butter….

    Hope all works out okay for you and that you are well.

    Take care


  5. Carolyn!! 🙂

    I am so happy to see you posting again!! I definitely know what you mean about life throwing you a curve ball and weight fluctuating. I am right there with you!

    But we WILL get through this!

    I wish I could hear your radio show. It will air in Canada, right?


  6. I’m joining you in my own way with the start of the new year, using The Victory printing of An American Women’s Cookbook as my nutritional and rescipe source book for the year…. My current weight is 255 lbs… and contact and mutual support is appreciated. I honestly thought I was the only one who would think of diong something like this! How good to know there is more than one mind like mine in the world.

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