Week 3 (again)- another 3 lb off!

Just a quick update- I have lots of great recipes to share but my life is soooooo busy that will have to wait until the weekend to spend time posting them…

Having been a social butterfly this week and having ate Fish & Chips (which they did have in the 1940s) twice and having washed these delights down with ale and even some Rhubarb wine- was still amazingly surprised to have still lost 3 lb- that’s 11 lb in 3 weeks..

Am REALLY happy with this..

The reality is though that I’d better not get invited out again this week so I can keep this weight dropping. I have sooo much to lose and sooo much to cook….am very focussed on achieving the 100 wartime recipes not just the 100 lb weight loss..

C xxx

9 thoughts on “Week 3 (again)- another 3 lb off!

  1. Good girl! Looking forward to new recipes…….in the meantime, remind yourself (as I do myself) to keep the focus on smaller goals, and the big picture will take care of itself.


  2. Wonderful site and amazing work you’ve done here in recreating those recipes and putting it on your blog. And of course you did a great job to yourself. I’ve trying to lose some pounds as well. Your enthusiasm in the 1940s times and determination in shedding those pounds are very inspiring. I enjoy reading you blog. Great job! Congratulations to you on each pound lost.

  3. You are brilliant! I stumbled across your site in looking for WWII recipes for a London Blitz Halloween party I’m giving, and what an amazing surprise! I have plenty of pounds to lose, and I can’t think of a better way to go about doing so! THANK YOU for the inspiration! I’ll be reading regularly!

    • Thank you KIMBA!!!! WWII Blitz Party- that sounds brilliant!!! You will have to share some photos- would love to see some!!! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment- C xx

  4. May I add that another thing that helped keep the weight down was that especially here in Britian, they were encouraged to grow their own veg, so the phyical exercise of healthy eating and exercise was also covered.

    I am definatly going to be watching you blog, and I enjoy doing ration months myself, for me its to save on the pennies rather than the pounds though. A good way to learn frugality and portion control. And is the only time my kids get sweets on a weekly basis.

    • Good old DIG FOR VICTORY!!!! YES the 1940’s family were far more active than we are today you are soooo right!!! I think if we HAD to grow a lot of our own food and DIG out an Anderson Shelter for real would be dropping lbs & lbs every week!!!

      C xx

  5. Can I just say how much I admire you? This is such a great blog, and that you’re able to talk about really, really loaded topics like weight, health, and (albeit briefly) relationship breakdown and how it affects us physically as well as emotionally, all the time being honest without tipping into Hallmark card sentimentality… well, impressive.

    I now return you to your scheduling blogging.

    • Aww thanks Karen- you know weight isn’t just about food it’s a whole bunch of other stuff and HELL it takes a bit to not only deal with your weight issues (and why they are happening) but also getting through a separation and all what that involves even though my ex David and I have been able to move on relatively well it still is there going over and over in your mind at times… C xxx

  6. Fantastic site so glad I stumbled upon it.
    I have loved reading all of your posts
    You look fantastic you should feel very proud with what you have achieved
    All the best to you

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