Time to Remember- Lest we forget

Time to Remember – Lest We Forget…. (all those in the world who gave their lives for their countries and their families)

Each year, on November 11, Canadians across this great land gather together to honour those men and women who served our country during the First World War, the Second World War, the Korean War and subsequent conflicts throughout the world…

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2 thoughts on “Time to Remember- Lest we forget

  1. Hi Carolyn

    Yes I did remember them in our local library for two minutes; the library clock was fast so then shopping centre PA came on for the one minutes silence too!

    I am remembering in another way, your 1940’sexperiment on rationing got me to start thinking about Australian WWII rationing and what recipes that is still available. Not much I have to say.
    I think I am sitting on more than I can find on the net at this time.

    I still got most of the family recipe handwritten cookbooks here. Some do go back to that period in time including my mother recipes & notes for that era when she was trained to be Evacuation Camp Supervisor in 1941 for women and children and elderly to go bush or out into the country like Charleville or Tamworth if Japanese invade down to the Brisbane Line. These are her training notes plus the all cookbooks from that time she would have taken with her to class. Our country was bombed by the Japanese but never invaded and she lived in Brisbane Queensland on the Brisbane line.

    I am now working on reading up and typing up them so they are never will be lost in future. I am hoping to put them up in a blog in the future.

    She died of cancer in 1991 so I have no way of knowing any answer to questions that may arise when I do get to post them.



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