The Home Front Kitchen Radio Show

I just made my first Skype phone call! I am soooo behind the times!

Had a lovely conversation with Lynda and Shaun from the 1940s UK Radio Station  These are the kind people have given me the opportunity to talk EVEN MORE about “1940s Food” so now all I have to do is start putting it all together…

I have decided on a name…

“The Home Front Kitchen Radio Show”

I’ll let you know when things come together and the first one goes out!

You can tell I’m excited right? Weee Heee!

I THINK there has to be some live food sampling complete with sound effects…. what do you think?

Helllooooo !

I  am alive….. 🙂

Am seriously almost as huge as a house- weight up and down because life has thrown me some incredibly busy and crazy times (emotionally as well as physically) and guess what happens when you start eating modern food laden with hidden fats, colours, preservatives, salts etc- you balloon!!

I am not beaten though- this has to become the biggest and most important mission of my life if I am to enjoy a life worth living (and by that I mean my  obesity NOT hindering so many things I would love to do)..

The 1940s Experiment is ongoing- despite the setback I know this is the way I will become healthy once again. My obsession with historical cuisine is a perfect way to keep me interested and now the only thing stopping me completing the mission is me. It is important to find the time everyday to cook and the 1940s way of eating does take time to prepare..

Hope you are all being successful in your missions..

C xxxxxxxx

PS Some good news and fun news too.. I have been asked by to host a regular spot on their radio station. I get to not only pick some fab 40’s songs but will be sharing 1940’s recipes and home front tips. Keeping my fingers crossed that they like what I produce and if I get the go ahead then will share the details on here- should be great fun and it’s a great radio station!