The Home Front Kitchen Radio Show

I just made my first Skype phone call! I am soooo behind the times!

Had a lovely conversation with Lynda and Shaun from the 1940s UK Radio Station  These are the kind people have given me the opportunity to talk EVEN MORE about “1940s Food” so now all I have to do is start putting it all together…

I have decided on a name…

“The Home Front Kitchen Radio Show”

I’ll let you know when things come together and the first one goes out!

You can tell I’m excited right? Weee Heee!

I THINK there has to be some live food sampling complete with sound effects…. what do you think?


5 thoughts on “The Home Front Kitchen Radio Show

  1. Thanks so much all! I am working on some ideas and hopefully will have everything done I need to do soon and a date for the first one!

    Appreciate your encouragement!!!! LOL!!!! xxxxxxx


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