Jogging day 4- 1/2 mile

Just a quick update…

I couldn’t help it… the sun was shining, and the dog needed a run so I decided to go take another jog down my lane. I ran down to the bottom 1/4 mile and walked back up and pushed myself to do it all over again.

I haven’t sweated so much in years and years…

But you know what, I felt quite comfortable (well I was jogging very slowly and jogging down the lane is easier as it’s slightly downhill)… it was hard work yes but didn’t feel like it was going to kill me.

Weigh in Tuesday. I think I’ve lost. I’ve eaten plenty but kept my daily intake to around 1800 cals but have started exercising everyday again..

Jogging day 2

Another little triumph on the treadmill at work during my lunch break..

As well as my normal walking, I managed to run 2 minutes at a steady 3 mph and just for the hell of it I ran a minute at 4 mph. The final minute at 4 mph made my legs turn to jelly and sweat horribly, but it raised my pulse and gave me a little bit of a cardio workout which will help in trying to reach my goal of 100lbs off by October 1st. The main thing is that I am taking things slowly, one step at a time, an extra minute jogging every-time I use the treadmill.

Today’s healthy lunch, chopped tomato, spinach and kidney beans..

I propped my iPod up and took a quick clip of my jogging efforts. Embarrassingly it sounds and looks like the treadmill is suffering under the weight of me. But if I can do this and think “the-hell-with-it” then you can too!!

I’ve learned that to succeed one has to not care how one currently looks…. it’s only temporary 🙂

C xxxxx

GOAL by October 1st, 2012:  Live for one year using wartime food rations- 100 wartime recipes re-created- lose 100 lbs of fat

To date: 59 lb lost- 72 wartime recipes re-created