WIN a beautiful stone cottage in North Wales

I have this little dream… A sympathetically renovated, little stone cottage in the countryside, with a garden for relaxing and growing cottage garden plants and vegetables in.

I’ve not given up on my dream BUT I am a realist too and it’s likely to remain renting somewhere convenient for the rest of my life, however as long as the dream is always there it keeps you going.

Today I saw this bonafide competition to win a perfect little dream cottage and I, of course, bought my golden ticket (I felt like Charlie with his Wonka bar). £5 for a chance of a dream is worth it to me….

I thought I’d share my link if you’d like to take a look and perhaps enter.


Good luck, C xxxxx

6 thoughts on “WIN a beautiful stone cottage in North Wales

  1. Oh Carolyn what a wonderful cottage, its a real dream!! I hope you do win it, someone has to!! Its a bit far for me. (what, 8 – 10 thousand miles? ) but good luck, thanks for posting this.
    ann lee s vancouver island, BC Canada

    • Isn’t it delightful! A perfect size for one woman when she retires 😀 😀 You are right, someone has to win it! It’s absolutely gorgeous and I love how the couple who renovated put their heart and soul into it. It’s so beautifully situated looking over the countryside xxxxx

  2. I’ve entered … four times … well at better odds than the National Lottery it’s worth a go isn’t it 🙂

    I also have my fingers crossed that if I don’t win it YOU DO !!

    • It’s a lovely dream and worth a go. It would be amazing if someone on here wins it!! If they don’t get to the 80,000 ticket sales then there will be a cash draw based on the number of paid entries minus a 20% admin fee but I hope they get enough entries as it’s a fantastic prize! Good luck! xxxxx

  3. What a lovely cottage – I wish I could enter but I live in South Africa… I sincerely wish you everything of the best for a win Carolyn.

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