Make Do and Mend – Kitchen Knife Repair

Over the coming months, I’m going to shout-out to people “Making Do and Mending” things to promote moving away from our modern disposable outlook on life and instead appreciating what we have and making do with what we’ve got wherever possible. Infact, it may become more of a way of life for many of us who are currently unemployed due to the pandemic.

Troy on Twitter who I follow, recently has started a series of videos on mending knives. I am loving them. Thought I’d share them below. It’s very satisfying to see people with skills and passions and for the longevity of useful implements. Great job Troy and thanks for letting me share your clip.

His home page is here

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One thought on “Make Do and Mend – Kitchen Knife Repair

  1. What a great idea to showcase! I’m a big believer in making do and mending. I just realized I’m wearing socks today that I mended the heels!

    I’m inspired to find something to repair or mend today. Thanks!

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