VE Day 75

I really hope everyone is enjoying a day of commemoration and celebration today.

A quiet day here. I’ve sat in the back garden for carrot and date scones with whipped cream, rhubarb jam, and strawberries and I have 1 bottle of beer in the fridge for when I get back from my walk. Joined in the 2 minutes silence, watched Churchill’s speech and will sing inside the house later, I fear I would burst into tears in the company of others even if we are all at a distance.

I must apologise for this very brief post as some of you may know my laptop needs replacing. I get 10 minutes from it before the screen gives out. I hope to get this sorted out next week.

Take care, have a lovely evening.

C xxxx

10 thoughts on “VE Day 75

  1. It is unfortunate that the commemoration events planned for the 75th have been cancelled or downsized all over the world. But as long as we do not forget and pay tribute even if alone we are paying tribute. And this pandemic that we are living through is a reminder that things can change very quickly as it did in 1914 and 1939 in ways that we were not expecting. We can all really learn from the past and especially from those who bore change and hardship with such courage. Keep calm and carry on. Words of wisdom to live by.

  2. Thank you for all your effort. Very nice! I have white hair…i really like how you styled your hair.

  3. How lovely to hear of your celebration for VE day… We had a little tea party in our garden and dressed for the occasion.. God bless you and all your followers and may you enjoy your evening and stay safe during these troubled times…

  4. Looks very vestive, and I love the tea cloth! It is a very important occasion to remember and celebrate. Hope you get your laptop fixed.

  5. That all looks so lovely! It saddens me that we don’t celebrate VE day in the US — we have our all-inclusive Memorial Day at the end of this month. Still, it’s such a landmark occasion, and it needs never to be forgotten.

    (And don’t feel bad, things like this get me a little weepy, too. It’s in a good cause. 🙂 )

    Hope you had a great day and that everything tastes as good as it looks!

    BTW, totally different note, I hadn’t seen a picture of you in a while, and I just have to say, you’re looking great! Way to go!

  6. greetings Carolyn, I was dragged out of UK as a child of 10. in 1948 to go to a Land of Milk and Honey, south africa for my health. I can still remember the celebrations of ’45 but where I am there is NO remembrance, I have to check Sky news for information. Give Blighty my love !!!!

    • Hi Alan, so have you stayed in South Africa since leaving the UK after the war? What do you remember of the celebrations? Best wishes, C xx

      • Actually I was incarcerated in the bed and bedroom as I was down with bronchitis, my usual chest problem, but my 4 year older brother attended the street party that the Mom’s of the area prepared, I must admit by the noise everybody there enjoyed themselves> Mom of course could not attend because of me, but she did pop out for a short period. I still have a picture of the VE day cake and the street party on my computer.

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