I did a Radio Interview in the USA! (about rationing of course!)

YES! Really!

Despite my ongoing imposter syndrome, forgetful nature and several hours of nerves hoping I’d become violently unwell so I could get out of doing it, I just appeared on the John Budris Show in Boston, Massachusetts at WRKO-AM 680 talking about rationing…
It was of course pre-recorded, I think I may have ended up in an ambulance if it had been live. Nevertheless it was challenging as what I meant to say simply didn’t quite come out of my mouth correctly.

I need at this stage to THANK Rob Townsend who interviewed me over Skype, was very patient, calming, and encouraging, a great host! Rob is a talented guy. He used to work at Angell Sound studios in London and now creates professional voice-overs, as well as audio editing and creation and radio work for projects around the world. Check out his video showreel HERE!

If you’d like to hear the show in its entirety it airs again on Saturday 30th May at 10:00 am and the rationing segments start at around 10:37 am. The radio stream you need to listen too will be HERE

The two segments are also below if you’d like to listen to them too!

Rationing Interview with Rob Townsend on WRKO-AM 680 CLICK HERE!

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6 thoughts on “I did a Radio Interview in the USA! (about rationing of course!)

  1. That was great, Carolyn! You sounded clear and confident (no trace of nerves!) It was really interesting and informative. Thanks for the link, and well done you! (Three cheers for Carolyn!)

  2. Just listened to the segments. You sounded very confident. I’m going to listen to it again. Well done.

  3. Excellent job! You were professional and natural. It was a great broadcast. I have May 30th saved to listen to the entire program.

  4. That was a really good interview. I did not notice any nerves or lack of confidence as you gave great answers and information. A timely interview on the part of the broadcaster as we may be headed for some rationing – certainly some shortages. Thanks for the interview!

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