I’ll never quite understand why people take advantage of other people during times of change, stress, sadness etc.. but they do.

Yesterday I returned to my old house to start clearing and cleaning up before handing it over to the new owner to find that someone had entered the house (probably just a few days before) and had rummaged through all our remaining belongings (thankfully it was just mostly boxes of stuff for the skip that we had left behind) and stolen some items including some extending ladders and power tools. Luckily there was no vandalism involved and our family photos were not damaged.

The police were great. They took a report and I made an audio statement and they’ll be visiting the area and making enquiries.

It was obviously people who knew we had just moved which makes me feel sad. There had never been anything like this on our road before so it all seems rather strange.

I have a busy week ahead, we’ll be at our old house most days (a few of us anyway) doing a big clear up and clean. Only 32 days to go until we leave.

I’m feeling overwhelmed, could have done without this horrid invasion of privacy and it makes me even sadder it could possibly be someone we know.

Night night xxxxxx

12 thoughts on “Sorry..

  1. I’m so sorry, Carolyn. What a horrible thing to do. I’m hoping it was someone who saw the moving truck or your loaded cars and took advantage, and not one of your neighbours. Please know that you are in my thoughts and am sending positive vibes your way during this hectic time in your life. Chin up! You are a wonderfully strong woman, and are admired by so many.


    • Oh I’m sure it wasn’t my neighbours… I guess I mean to say it could be anyone who knows that we were moving… we are on a private lane 1/4 mile off a road so no one could see our removals truck…. thanks for kind words Marina xxx

      I think I must have done something awful in another life… it seems to have been one thing after the other this past year and quite honestly there are days when I just wish it would all go away.



  2. 2011-2012 have been horrible years for a lot of us..but we gotta keep the hope alive! I am so sorry about the break in, some people are just scum. Take care of yourself and remember to treat yourself once in a while….we all deserve some pampering! I hope the new place you have moved to will be the beginning of much better times. 🙂


  3. I’m so sorry to hear this, what a horrible thing to happen to such good people as yourselves. I know it’s hard having to be strong, especially for the kids sake, but when you get into that house in England and cuddle your Mum and Dad again you will be ok xx


  4. Unfortunately, these days scavengers will go into empty buildings and take whatever they can make money at. I suppose one can be grateful they left the plumbing alone! Chin up lass.


  5. Day 13 just ended for me, I spent most of the day at our beach hut. Big salad with homemade bread and strawberries for pud!
    Proper pot of tea too..all shared with my 84 year old parents and my youngest daughter aged 10. Lovely sunny day by the seaside.
    Breakfast was just a cup of tea.
    Dinner was veg with meaty gravy
    Supper-a nice cup of tea & a slice of cake.
    All in all a really old fashioned day!
    Feeling awfully fat though… A bit worried about the scales….
    Good luck everyone xxx


  6. That is just awful. There are so many good people in the world but then there are the predators. I am so sorry that this has added another stressor to your life. But things will get better.


  7. So sorry to hear that Carolyn. That happened to my family years ago when we moved. Our neighbors waited for us to leave with a load of our furniture to go to our new house. They went in and stole our kitchen stuff, bedding, potted plants and the new school supplies we had just got for our kids. They took quite a bit of other stuff too. The police weren’t much help but an anonymous good Samaritan sent my children all new supplies for school. Found out later that the people who stole our things were busted for stealing electric from another neighbor…got five years in jail…that’s what I call Karma!!!
    I hope the rest of your journey goes smoothly.


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