Day 12 – 1940s Experiment 2013

3 more days until week 2 weigh in and I hope things are progressing as I want- we’ll soon see!

Today I am out to lunch at the Atlantica Hotel & Marina Oak Island so I will be looking for something that is made from ingredients available during wartime rationing to try and stay authentic. LOL!

For supper this evening I hope to make “Bubble and Squeak” but as I will have a very busy afternoon/early evening clearing my old house, it maybe just a case of grabbing a large salad when I return home!

What are you cooking today? Any new recipes?

Are you finding that you are saving money not buying convenience foods?

Have an awesome day!!

C xxxx


12 thoughts on “Day 12 – 1940s Experiment 2013

  1. I haven’t braved the scales yet, however, I discovered yesterday that my blood pressure has dropped significantly! I am on tablets, but my BP still remains high (but lower than without the tablets), yesterday every single one of my reading was low (or near normal from a doctor’s point if view), at first I thought the monitor was broken and sent my husband off to buy another one! But the new one read the same! No idea if its the food, the fact that I’m drinking a lot of water, the extra exercise (mainly gardening and doing things to keep my mind off food!) or all of the above – but it’s certainly a nice surprise. At this rate I might have to see my consultant to reduce my meds!


    • Oh that’s GREAT news!!! That was one of the things I noticed after a month or so of starting this end of 2011 was that my high blood pressure and rapid pulse started to move significantly downwards as the weight dropped and as I ate lots of healthy fresh veg and began to look after my diet and started walking.. it was the biggest thrill ever!! BP went from something like 168/90 to 125/75 and pulse at rest is between 60 and 70 and before it was about 90.

      THRILLED for you!!!!!!!! xxxxx


  2. Well without putting too fine a point on it, eating more bread(wholemeal/home made only) and no crap has erm…kept me regularly healthy..ahem!
    I feel really good and I know I keep saying it but it really is like a weight has lifted from my shoulders at each meal, just knowing that I’m “allowed” this food. I do realise how sad this is but I’m sure I’m not alone.
    This morning I had tea n toast (which I really really enjoy)
    Lunch-I just was not hungry in the least
    Dinner will be a nice big salad with whatever leftovers I can cobble together.
    Tomorrow I really need to bake as the family have eaten my bread but I’m not moaning!
    A big bloomer(ooer mrs) costs me 50p max to bake-one sliced white farmhouse loaf(not cheapest but one I would usually get for those who prefer white) £1.45
    My grocery bill has very def reduced but of course it’s only me out of 5 of us doing it properly so I am gradually stopping buying their favourites! Tee hee! Slowly slowly catchee monkey!!


  3. Ok, winter has reappeared here and I’ve had to put the heating back on. It’s freezing. My darling husband has been working round the clock in recent weeks and unexpectedly came home at lunchtime so I made one of his favourites – floodies! It was just perfect thing to have on this cold, wet day.

    I also have a confession to make. I cracked last night and had a treat sized cherry ripe (my friend bought them back from Australia for me). It was heavenly, but not exactly 1940s.

    So today’s menu:

    Breakfast: porridge, 1/2 tsp honey, dsp raisins
    Lunch: floodies, 1/2 slice ham, sweetcorn, homemade coleslaw
    Supper: homemade sweet & sour chicken with rice

    The sweet & sour chicken used some of my sugar allowance, but as I haven’t baked this week, there is plenty left over and padded out with loads of veg, not much chicken is used either.


  4. Here I am part way through day 13, and still on track. I was wrapped to hear about Lil’s BP drop, as mine is on the higher side it has prompted me to check it out as well. Agree with Louise as well, I’m finding some slightly more regular habbits, as it were….

    And yep, same as daisymay I have plenty of rations left over, such as sugar, and unbelievably, about half my tea ration is still there! I’ve realised how much more water I’m drinking without concious effort, I’ve actually felt like I needed it so unthinkingly have been grabbing a glass every now and then.

    Basically I’m vegetarian so lack of meat causes no craving and thus I love my veggies, but I’ve never eaten so many at each sitting. I snacked between meals today for the first time when offered a biscuit with a cuppa, and now realise I have not felt the need to snack.

    Going out for dinner tonight with mum, so have to keep an eye on what I order to stick to things. Looking forward to some challenges in week 3 when I return to work full time after some leave! Have to be super organised this week.

    Well done all !


  5. Hello 🙂

    For two of my daughters and I today was Day 1 of living off wartime rations. Two of us are doing it for weightloss reasons… inspired by your success… we all think you’re looking AMAZING!, and for the other simply because it’s a fun experiment.

    I’ve figured out our rations, apart from things like Rice and pasta and semolina… I’ve tried looking for what quantities were available on the points system but haven’t in all honesty got a clue… what are your allowances for those items?

    We really enjoyed Day 1, and cooked your wartime cottage pie for dinner… thoroughly delicious 🙂


  6. Hope you make your rations last the week Kate!
    A points ration table was posted on here at

    This shows a points table from 1945 and I’ve used it a fair bit. The trouble is that points fluctuated dependant upon supply. The points shown are per pound weight. I have found that by buying things according to this table it has restricted the amounts I use, so I guess it is stopping me from just buying too much of one thing.

    I am into Day 14, fell off the rails last night when I went out to dinner! Rally struggled to find anything aligning, so had a vegetarian platter which had a four smaller portions for tasting. Two were veg style curry and one a sort of sweet stew and then a small portion of tomato pasta. Served with some slices of a herb bread I think it was closest to my diet. But way too big a serve. And then pudding……let’s not talk about it. But didn’t want to be the missery guts at dinner saying no no no to pudding.

    Massive challenge today to prepare for work tomorrow, am away for two days and need to take food with me as food provided at work is way too rich.
    Going to make some potato cakes for lunch I think, and take some steamed veg, prob a salad for dinner mon night! going to be very tough to be that organised. Only method for heating in hotel rooms will be a kettle.
    Going to try taking a resealable jar and use that to sit in hot kettle to heat stuff up. Have done it with soup before and it worked.

    Here’s to week 3.


  7. Thank you so much for clearing up the mystery… that helps alot and I can now finish figuring out what we’ll use our ration allowance on…
    Good luck on week three…. 🙂


  8. KC,
    Used to warm my babies milk in the kettle at night. I found that if you fill the kettle until the bottle (with formula) floats, then switch the kettle on when the babe awakes, by the time it boils the milk is hot enough. Give it a good shake (bottle, not baby!!) to dissipate the heat, and the temperature is just right. I used a jug kettle with the lid off.
    Slightly out of 1940’s context I know.


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