Day 11 – 1940s Experiment 2013

Am busy, busy, busy and am stressed..

My list of “to-do’s” is huge and I’m panicking… not least I need to get my old place cleaned up and ready to hand over end of May.

Today my 1940’s rationing menu is basically going to consist of cold salads and kidney beans just for quickness.. maybe I’ll throw on some baked potatoes later too.

Sending warm thoughts to all

C xxxxx

5 thoughts on “Day 11 – 1940s Experiment 2013

  1. Good luck with everything!

    Today’s menu :-

    breakfast – Tinned cherries
    lunch – salad (lettuce, cherry toms, spring onion, capsicum)
    Dinner – wholemeal pasta and spicy veggie pasta sauce

    mid afternoon – slice of wholemeal bread and scrape of jam

    drinks – water (4 pints), herbal tea, black tea with milk

  2. Don’t panic! Once you start crossing off things from the list you’ll start to feel more in control. At least, I always do.

    It’s leftovers day today. So today’s menu is:

    Breakfast: dippy egg, tomatoes
    Lunch: leftover bits and pieces
    Dinner: Leftover black pudding hotpot, cabbage

    Late evening snack will probably be a slice of toast with a smear of jam.

  3. Try not to get stresed. Take ome time out to do some deep breathing and meditation. 10 mins twice a day should do it.

  4. Day 11 done for me, up and into day 12.
    Day 11 was odd!!! went over my beer limit this week. Have to be stricter next week. Brekkie was porridge, lunch was toast, and dinner was potato pancake with beans.
    Day 12 will be toast for brekkie, soup for lunch and I have made a vegetarian bouef borg a thingy! The aroma when cooking was heaven and the sauce tastes beautiful. So that will be had with brown rice tonight.

    Daisymay is right Carolyn, as you start to cross one or two things off your list you’ll start to calm, and I love Jan’s idea of taking a break to destress. I do this frequently when things are hectic. Hugs to you, sending you some energy I hope.

  5. When you write a list always put down a couple of things you’ve already done so you can cross them off straight away, makes you feel great and spurs you on xxx
    Today breakfast was tea & toast
    Lunch was leftover macaroni with salad
    Dinner was a very very small amount of the minced beef& pork chilli I made at the family’s request!
    Good luck C xx

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