Day 14- weigh in day!

480358_10151423414537361_533531839_nDespite the stress of everything I still lost 2 lbs this week which brings me down to 243 lbs (7 lbs in 2 weeks). Stress for me manifests itself in over eating (which I have done) but I guess I over ate mostly on stodgier vegetables and extra slices of bread..

I have so much fresh salad in my fridge at the moment that most meals at the moment contain mountains of the green stuff. For lunch today I chopped up a left over baked potato from yesterdays dinner and fried it in a little margarine and added some salt and thyme and served it on a bed of field greens, cucumber and kidney beans..


Tonight’s meal will probably be very similar as I still have a left over baked potato and still lots of salad greens..

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their food!

Much love and hugs- C xxxxx

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    • Stepped on the scales again this morning and was three pounds down – I think the weekends are bad as OH tends to cook “junk” food and I don’t get enough veggies! Hmm wonder if I can stick with it and lose another couple before Friday.

  1. You are looking so svelte! Congratulations on your progress so far. I’m just starting on a ration plan myself, more to save money then lose weight. I am so thankful for all the recipes you post, I shall be trying some of them out very soon 🙂
    Best wishes.

  2. Ok, braved the scales this morning and I’m down 2lbs. I think I may struggle this week as it’s half term and I find it harder to be organised. I had a mini croissant this morning at breakfast so I decided that I had clearly joined SOE and been parachuted into France on a mission! lol

  3. Hmm, stayed the same 🙁 Mind you, I feel ok and since I suffer with PCOS I can yoyo quite a bit so next week may show a better result.
    Today I went with youngest daughter, Sophia, to the beach hut and spent a very happy day listening to bbc radio 4. while she rode her bike then we had a nice walk.
    Breakfast was tea & tinned grapefruit(not strictly wartime I know)
    Lunch was a lovely chicken and salad wholemeal sandwich. Cup of tea plus slice of cake.
    Dinner was fish(salmon), new potatoes and broccoli. Strawberries for pud.
    I slipped in a cookie too…and too many cups of coffee…
    Fresh start plus baking if fresh bread on the morrow!
    Btw C you look great xx

  4. Hi Carolyn, I love your posts as I am very interested in all things wartime and your posts are always interesting. I made vegetable pasties the other night following your recipe but found that the shortcrust pastry barely was enough for 4 pasties with the fourth one being very small. The other three were just normal pastie size. My question is do you use American or English measurements. Being Australian, we tend to use English measurements. When you have made them you commented that yours were huge so hence my quandary. I want to make them again as they were so yummy. Good luck on your weight loss journey and on your new life when you arrive back in England.

  5. I too am enjoying your blog and although born in 1951 greatly enjoy the writings and the 1940’s.I too need to lose about 3 stone,and there seems to be always a reason(excuse) to have a treat or two.Just will have to try some of the recipes and see what happens.Well done for your loss.

  6. Congratulations on your two pounds, I lost another pound this week, was hoping for more but I suppose it is in the right direction. I’m feeling so much better in myself though and that is a very good bonus. Today I am going out for lunch, the pub serves some good old fashioned favourites so it will be my British Restaurant meal! For tea I will have a plate full of salad, there are so many lettuces in the greenhouse and some baby carrot thinnings. It’s lovely to be able to eat straight out of the garden again.

    You’re looking great in the photo, Carolyn, I love to see what everyone else is making, I’m sure that during the war people would have shared recipes too. Good luck for next week everyone.

  7. I’ve gone all out today not to eat between meals and so far so good. I nearly broke this evening because I didn’t get home until late and finally sat down to eat at 9.45pm. I was, frankly, ready to chew my own arm off!

    Today’s menu

    Breakfast: 1/3 bacon rasher, mushrooms, egg
    Lunch: potato & celeriac cake and baked beans
    Dinner: shepherds pie made with leftover mutton and topped with celeriac and potato

    I made my husband bread pudding today as well, so he had a very nice pudding. It smelt heavenly, but I can’t eat it. 🙁

  8. Hi Carolyn,
    Just got back from camping over the weekend. Before we left I weighed in at 219 and inspite of eating tons of meat and consuming a vat of wine (well almost), this morning I weighed in at 212.

    Breakfast; veggie omelet
    Lunch; cheese and pickle sandwich
    Dinner; Skilly, applesauce and cheese straws

  9. Okay, here is goes. I have my shopping list planned out (looks boring without chocolate, icecream, cream, chicken, bananas etc etc), but my husband and I need to lose weight. I’ve just had my 2nd baby (4 months ago), and 2 nights ago my eldest (3 years old), says “Mum, are you sure you want to be fat?” …hmmm, talk about a downer before tucking him in.
    My husband and I also seem to be getting poor skin quality, our bathroom habits are worrying at times and generally we feel like someone has strapped a bowling ball onto our stomachs.
    Anyway, it’s winter over here in Australia so we have loads of root vegetables coming in. My menu is comprised of things like Middleton Medley, Vegetable Goulash, Bread and Apple pie…..
    Fingers crossed my husband and I see an improvement in our health and weight shortly!

    • I wish you all the best of luck and can’t wait to hear your updates…

      What began to change my wellness around eating 1940s style was getting off the processed junk food, eating LOADS of green leafy veggies (spinach, kale, cabbage, broccoli, romaine lettuce etc) and generous quantities of lentils, split peas, kidney beans etc and enjoying that with small WW2 rationed portions of meat/cheese and fish (before I became vegan) I’ve increased my protein rich foods and drink either a nut, flax or hemp milk instead of dairy and I feel just great! Just still struggling to stop eating too many potatoes and bread right now!

      C xx

  10. Okay, I went shopping. Other than nappy wipes (I can’t go without for my bub), and formula (again, this is not an option for my bub), I spent AU$110 which I believe is around GBP 69.00 at the moment. I had to buy bulk in some of the items so they will actually last me 2 weeks like butter, margarine and oats (these will probably last 3 weeks). On to the war!

    • sneckybee, not sure about you, but I am actually finding it hard to get through all of my fat ration in a week. Even using fat to fry in on some meals, I still have left over. I’ve never been a big butter / marg user, never on sandwiches etc… And my sugar ration is building up unbelievably now, as I don’t use it in tea/coffee and have only baked one cake.
      I’ll be interested to know how long your butter / marg ends up lasting you.

      Last week I spent a mere AU$39 for two of us, I agree with Carolyn’s comment that wartime prices were comparatively much higher. I did a bit of a conversion on some prices I saw in pictures and we pay almost half as much with inflation included on things like fresh fruit and veg.

      Good luck with cheap shopping.

      • KC – I think we will struggle as well. We’re having 1.5 weatbix and 1 piece of toast in the morning with a smidge of butter on it. I used a little margarine in the bread and apple pudding last night and some sugar. We also rarely use sugar in this house…….that’s because we always buy all of our chocolates and cakes and sweets. Time for a change. Am looking forward to getting on the scales next Wednesday!

      • Same here- I have a stock pile of sugar (I guess they used that for celebrations and jam making- I know extra sugar rations were given though in late summer so people could make jams and chutneys etc) but I use most of my fat up..

        I don’t use all my milk ration (I use a dairy free milk like flax milk) either if I don’t drink a cup of hot choccie most nights!


      • I too am stockpiling that sugar, I am going to wait until I have enough and I’ll make some marmalade. I love home made marmalade, and likewise, I guess this is what they did back then as well, save a little. Though I already have nearly a pound saved. I don’t really have a sweet tooth so this has probably helped. Must bake a bit this weekend I think.

  11. I just saw this photo – don’t know how I missed it. You look mah-va-lus!!! What lovely long legs. Lucky you!

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