Happy New Years Snowstorm

So  the New Year came and went- just the hobbits (my kids) and I together enjoying a little buffet, a sing-a-long to the movie Mamma Mia! and I enjoyed a drinky poos (which made me incredibly giggly everytime Pierce Brosnan tried his best to sing)..

However the gods decided that the 1st day of 2010, would chuck over 30 cms of snow down on us and then follow it up today with a ‘meteorological bomb’ over the province of Nova Scotia here in Canada…

As the car and the house were rapidly turning into igloos, I decided that shovelling snow had to be done so spent an hour or two, taking it in turns with my son Josh (2nd hobbit) to clear the decks, pathway and car. No sooner had we finished, the ‘meteorological bomb’ was starting to take hold and already filling in the gaps we had just made.

It was all becoming very ‘Day After Tomorrowish’ and as we were lucky enough to still have power, I turned to Facebook to keep in touch with civilization ‘just-in-case’ it really was an end-of-the-world scenario. You see we live way out in the boonies,  where no one can hear you scream…

So as I sit here, still with power and still typing (and still Facebooking just incase weather.gc.ca have got it WRONG and we really are all going to die) I am wondering what tomorrow will bring……

Probably plenty more snow shovelling which although, is a hideous form of recreation, is good for losing weight and afterall I DO have a LOT of that to lose..

Happy New Year!

C xx

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13 thoughts on “Happy New Years Snowstorm

  1. Scotland has had almost continuous snow for 2 weeks now. Whilst not as much as you have, and probably not as cold (still-12 to -18) the authorities are not clearing the roads so it’s bringing chaos. Normally during the winter you see snow plough every where even though it’s not necessary. This year it’s spot the snow plough because they are just not out.

    • Snow is lovely to look at but so ikky to have to shovel for very long!! Hope all was Ok in Michigan..

      Yes Mamma Mia! is great fun especially to sing along and dance to really badly

      C xx

  2. Hi,

    I know. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. What a day! Hang in there. Snow removal is a great way to brun calories and increase your metabolism. I did it all last year! This year, I can’t because of my due date but, I intend to get back at it when baby is born!

    • You get it REALLY cold in Toronto don’t you??

      I know we get it mild in NS when we compare to many of the other provinces in Canada so I musn’t complain too much!!!

      Hope all is going well with you!

      C xx

  3. I’ve only found your blog today via a FB friend, but love it already! If only I could find a way of linking it into my Blogger account………….sigh!

    Your goals, the work you’re doing to reach them and your sense of adventure are humbling and inspiring (quite a mix, hey?!) Good luck with it all.

    Btw – love the recipes I’ve read so far – am seriously considering stopping Slimming World and joining you on your eating plan (I don’t use the D word – too depressing and demotivating!!)

    Oh and the big knickers blog had me crying with laughter – I SO wish I didn’t know where you’re coming from, tho!

    Lesley x

    • Thanks so much Lesley!! Do you have a blog?

      I think laughter is a fabby medicine and its free- laughing at stuff that can be depressing really helps in a weird sort of way!! Slimming World- is that when you do green and red days? Of all the slimming clubs I attended (ages ago) they were the BEST and I did loads of them!

      I am so glad you are enjoying the blog and am looking forward to sharing lots more recipes AND shifting the weight so I can see my toes again

      Muchness xx

  4. Hi there

    No, no blog! No time!

    Shall just have to vicariously enjoy yours :o)

    Yes SW is the red and green day plan – your plan is similar in it’s reliance on freshly prepared food boosted by plentiful fruit and veg. Hmmmm! Could this be a coincidence?!

    Thanks for the welcome x

    • Oh damn it- I am unashamedly a blog junkie and was hoping to add another to my voyeurism list !! 🙂

      Yes I liked that about the SW eating plan- the recipes were really very good and you could eat LOTS- NO calorie counting !!! Yes you are right in many ways it is quite similar (except meat is not rationed on red days!!!)

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