Happy New Years Snowstorm

So  the New Year came and went- just the hobbits (my kids) and I together enjoying a little buffet, a sing-a-long to the movie Mamma Mia! and I enjoyed a drinky poos (which made me incredibly giggly everytime Pierce Brosnan tried his best to sing)..

However the gods decided that the 1st day of 2010, would chuck over 30 cms of snow down on us and then follow it up today with a ‘meteorological bomb’ over the province of Nova Scotia here in Canada…

As the car and the house were rapidly turning into igloos, I decided that shovelling snow had to be done so spent an hour or two, taking it in turns with my son Josh (2nd hobbit) to clear the decks, pathway and car. No sooner had we finished, the ‘meteorological bomb’ was starting to take hold and already filling in the gaps we had just made.

It was all becoming very ‘Day After Tomorrowish’ and as we were lucky enough to still have power, I turned to Facebook to keep in touch with civilization ‘just-in-case’ it really was an end-of-the-world scenario. You see we live way out in the boonies,  where no one can hear you scream…

So as I sit here, still with power and still typing (and still Facebooking just incase weather.gc.ca have got it WRONG and we really are all going to die) I am wondering what tomorrow will bring……

Probably plenty more snow shovelling which although, is a hideous form of recreation, is good for losing weight and afterall I DO have a LOT of that to lose..

Happy New Year!

C xx

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