An incentive to keep going

Sometimes you don’t need words…

My eldest hobbit found this photo on the computer yesterday. It was taken a few years ago when I was nearly at my heaviest weight ever…

Before I started the 1940s experiment in August 2009 I had already shed over 30 lb since the break up of my marriage in January 2009.

I must keep going, I know I can do it…

Seeing this photo reminded me how uncomfortable my daily life was and found it almost impossible to stand or walk for very long because of back pain.

Although I am still out of shape I feel so much better than I did when I was 60 lbs heavier.

I must keep going, I know I can do it…..

16 thoughts on “An incentive to keep going

  1. Carolyn, you have accomplished so much already! I have faith that you can do this. Look how much you’ve overcome in this past year. You are an amazing woman and a good soul and you will not let this weight keep you from becoming a more healthy person.
    Even if it takes you longer than the year that you had planned to lose your 100 lbs, you will do this!It took longer than a year to gain that weight, so try not to be too hard on yourself if things go a little slowly, sometimes slow is good.
    When I got my clot in my leg this fall I couldn’t stand by myself because of the pain. I tried not to take the Percocet that I was given. I started by walking across the kitchen floor, then a couple of days later down the driveway. Small steps are the key to any success. Now I use my recombant bike to help build my muscles back up. I’ve started Tai Chi to help with my flexibility because I’ve lost so much over the years because of my arthritis that started when I was 18.
    Why am I telling you this? Because I understand the pain, fatigue, and discomfort you live with. I know that as you lose your weight the pain will disappear and that is so freeing! After my 1st physio session that I had in the pool I came home and wept, because while I was in the pool I had no pain!!! That in itself is a big motivator.
    So keep your chin up and know that you will succeed, and you will!

    with a big hug and lots of hope

    • Thank you Cathy- I hardly get any backpain now- a bit when I walk for a while but nothing much at all- it makes a real difference!!

      Oh No!! Blood clot!! Is it all dissolved now? How are you now? Arthritis too is an awful thing to have…I have been lucky never to experience it but my father had it when I was growing up- he would cry himself to sleep with the pain sometimes. I do hope things are under control for you?

      Hugs xx

  2. Congrats on making so much progress already! You’re right, keep at it, and you’ll definitely be able to reach your goal. You’re lightyears ahead of so many people already… I admire your ability to follow through on the desire to get healthier. Too many people want it, but don’t do anything about it.

    So, good for you! And I wish you all the best in your healthy-living and weight-loss endeavors throughout this year…and beyond, really.

    • Thanks Aimee! I REALLY want this so even if there are blips (like the weight put on over Christmas) I am not giving up!

      PS Can I have some shelves like the ones you have in your blog- the ones where all your t-shirts are neatly stacked according to size….. I love background detail- hehehe

  3. C you now look half the woman in size you were and you are probably now twice the women you were in confidence

    • You are right- confidence is returning. Am a little worried though as might end up being a right little devil !!! Thank you xx

  4. Good morning Carolyn.

    You are doing magnificently. It can often be a shock to see yourself in a photo from the past – whatever your size!

    I agree with Cathy above – don’t treat yourself badly if you don’t make your target in 12 months – you have already taken positive action to help yourself, which I hope you’re proud of – taking that 1st step is the hardest and you are well past that point now.

    Lesley x

    • Yes when I saw that photo could really tell there had been significant weightloss over the past year- it does give one the motivation to continue

      Thanks Lesley xxx

  5. I have just found your blog. Well done you, will be returning and returning with much interest. I have added you on facebook. You have loads of ideas I love.

    Thanx and keep up the good work. I too have weight to loose and want to give your ideas a go.

    • Thanks R!!! It’s just my gut instinct- a diet without all the modern day chemicals and preservatives and just focus on eating LOTS of good foods that are not processed.. I think as a society we need to get back to eating food as little removed from its original state as possible…..anyways that’s just my theory.

      I do know that this way of eating makes me feel good- when I indulged in modern food again over Christmas I felt good initially but hen blinkin awful after a while!!

      C xxxx

  6. Yes you CAN do this!!! Sometimes all it takes is an old picture to keep you motivated. I have a lot of those and I can tell you it keeps me going. Keep us updated on your progress!

    • Thanks AFG! You are TOTALLY right! Have several goddam hideous ones that I can’t bring myself to post yet….I didn’t realize what a bushy moustache I had at one stage…!!! LOL

      When I’ve lost some more I may post that one…but yes seeing the worst photos is always motivating 🙂

      C xx

  7. Hi Carolyn,

    I’m not sure if the blod clot is dissolved yet but the pain is gone so that is a big improvement. The arthritis is what it is, I’ve had it since I was 18 and it has now progessed to my back. As soon as I’m off the coumadin (yes the rat poison) I’m off to get some accupuncture the only true relief I’ve ever had from it.
    Life is good and I’ve been blessed with many things, a lovely husband and great kids are the most important so I can live with some pain, its all in how you look at things.


    • Well yes thats great you have a lovely husband and great kids xxxxx I expect you have to be a bit careful when taking warfarin with bleeding….?

      That’s great that you find relief through acupuncture- I do hope it works well this time around for you too

      C xx

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