Attack of the fat arse knickers..

Seriously, it’s time to shrink the size of your bottom when your knickers are the size of t-shirts….

I know my knickers are the size of t-shirts because I regularly leave my fat arse knickers in my daughters clean clothes pile only for them to be returned with a familiar 聽” Mum-this-isn’t-my-t-shirt-it’s-your-knickers”….. at least she doesn’t say ‘fat arse’.

The worst thing about these knickers are the fact that they are my NEW smaller ones. In comparison with the ones I was wearing at 315 lbs, they look like Barbie knickers…..almost

Although I find it shocking how large my knickers are I truly believe you have to laugh at life, one day these knickers WILL be a distant memory as I join the ‘thong brigade’…… (ha had ya- never, even if I had a butt as beautiful as Beyonce’s, would I wear one of those hideous underwear creations!)Fat arse knickers make great toy hammocks

The ‘fat arse’ knickers, because of the vast quantity of material used in their production, can be used for a variety of useful purposes.

  • toy hammock. Unfortunately all the big soft toys in the house wouldn’t fill my knickers so I had to use an 18 litre water container to fill the space (see photo)
  • dust cover for full size computer monitors. (see photo) You may need to stitch up the leg holes though to stop it peeking through. The good news is that there is enough spare material at the bottom to cover your keyboard too..
  • when your fat arse knickers are too big or too worn they make a huge amount of cleaning rags. By my calculations 25 precisely..

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13 thoughts on “Attack of the fat arse knickers..

  1. Sorry issues with the camera- fat arse knickers photos will be uploaded Thursday afternoon…

    Watch this space- fat arse knickers will be filling this screen soon- be very afraid

    C xx

  2. And I just had to share this wonderful and funny conversation on FACEBOOK that’s been going on about ‘fat arse’ knickers. This really made me laugh- my Facebook friends are sooooo funny!!!!

    Carolyn Ekins – wonders why her knickers are soooooo HUGE!
    Tue at 9:50pm 路 Comment 路 Like
    CAR likes this.

    NL- lol.. cos they r Bridget jones sexy pants 馃槈
    Tue at 10:41pm 路

    Carolyn Ekins- If only mine were that small- “well hello mummy!”
    Tue at 10:52pm 路

    NL- you’sd simply get a bigger Helllllo!!!! Mummy!!! 馃槈 lets hope u find a guy who needs big pants ..Helllloo Daddy hahahahaha
    Tue at 10:56pm 路

    NL- oh and a kilt …grrrrrr 馃槈
    Tue at 10:58pm 路

    Carolyn Ekins- If I find a kind, intelligent guy to love who
    *a) Will occassionally wear a kilt for me
    *b) And likes huge knickers – I’ll happily wash his feet (and kiss them too…hell I’ll even paint his toe nails)

    Hehehe C xxx
    Tue at 11:07pm 路

    NL- Hehehe love it!

    Go get him girl.. …he is out there somewhere (possibly occasionally wearing his kilt ) just waiting for a wonderful intelligent interesting sexy woman like u xxxx
    Tue at 11:12pm 路

    Carolyn Ekins – Thanks for the kind comps N xxxxxxxxxxxx- you are wonderful xxxxxxx
    I’m not desperate for a guy infact I can’t see myself wanting to live with one for a VERY long time….I have learned to enjoy my independence again. It is very liberating BUT I do miss the hugs, the manly smell and of course intamacy but for the time being I am happy where I am. Am happy to wait for a Mr Right rather than rush into several Mr Wrongs!!!

    Kilt, Charisma, nice smelling pits and a love of big knickers- bring it on!

    See More
    Tue at 11:22pm 路

    NL- haha i agree. im not ready to live with anyone either.. i like my independance and my own little cottage etc but i do know what u mean .. Big hugs and lets hope 2010 gets u where u wanna be in life xxx
    Tue at 11:33pm 路

    Carolyn Ekins- Same to you N- here’s to being the women we wanna be and to finding the men who will let us! Lets hope 2010 is a good one..

    Nighty night- up in 6 hours for work. Blimey must be nearly 4 am in blighty!!!

    See ya xxxx
    Tue at 11:45pm 路

    NL- yep 3:48 haha better get some kip myself xxx
    Tue at 11:49pm 路

    CAR- because you’ve lost so much weight, silly
    Wed at 12:28pm 路

    Carolyn Ekins – Ahh but these are my new HUGE knickers. They maybe smaller than the last ones but they are HUGE!!! 馃檪
    Wed at 5:15pm 路

    NL- Kidney warmers. essential in cold weather 馃槈 lol
    Wed at 5:57pm 路

    CAR- well you have two options, remember that these are smaller than the previous ones or go commando. Its getting a bit cold for commando though. 馃槈
    Wed at 6:43pm 路

    Carolyn Ekins I ain’t going commando- I need those big knickers- they make me feel secure!!! LOL xx

    Kidney warmers- absolutely, great excuse….hehe
    Wed at 10:41pm 路

  3. Thanks Liz and Happy New Year to you too!

    As you can use ‘fat arse’ knickers for a multitude of things, I am sure there will be some more photos over the coming weeks!

    Thanks for reading the blog and commenting!

    C xx

  4. Oh my goodness, I think this post is beyond great and so funny! I know that my own could certainly hold kids toys, truck loads of diapers and heck even a computer monitor!

    Happy New Year! 馃檪

  5. hehehehe- you see


    We should be loud and proud that our bottoms are so big and our knickers so useful!

  6. You could keep the kitchen sink in my knickers (I didn’t mean your knickers).. I bet your bottom is much smaller than mine

    C xx

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