Time to knuckle down and get the job done..

Youngest Hobbit on Christmas Day

Now The ‘Christmas Blip’ is coming to an end which means the choccie boxes are nearly empty and all the ‘delicious-naughty-foods-that-lure-one-to-them-with-their-mystical-subliminal-chanting’, have nearly all disappeared, it’s time to get back to rationing and knuckle down and get the job done….

In 7.5 months time my year long culinary experiment on eating a diet based on authentic WWII 1940’s rationing will come to and end. My hopes by the end of the year were to

  • Recreate 100 authentic recipes, eat and photograph them
  • Record the effect living on a 1940’s ration diet would have on my health and hopefully achieve a weight-loss of 100 lbs

I have for several years been convinced that to LOSE WEIGHT we do not need to starve ourselves but feed ourselves properly and generously! By making fundamental changes in our eating habits (all the time) I believe our bodies will become the efficient fuel burning machines they used to be…

Cut out the plethora of modern foods we crave that have artificial sweeteners, preservatives, hidden added fats & colouring, from our lives and go back to eating basic, little processed, fresh, local foods. SIMPLE  (but actually I’ve found out it isn’t always so simple as processed foods are a HUGE business in our modern world)

We don’t need to count calories, we don’t need to be obsessed with counting grams of fat- life is tooooo damn short!

Just get rid of all the modern crap, limit your meat, eat basic foods, eat tons of fresh veg, eat some healthy carbs and drink water (and tea!!)

Saying all that- this means in 7.5 months to complete my experiment successfully I have to still

  • Re-create and photograph a new recipe every three days for the next 7.5 months
  • Lose 1 lb of body fat every 3 days for 7.5 months


11 thoughts on “Time to knuckle down and get the job done..

  1. I agree with you that we don’t need to starve ourselves! I think our bodies are like ovens that need to be constantly fueled. I’m sure that you will come out just fine at the end of your year on this way of eating. And cute hobbit by the way. 🙂

  2. Yes at the end of the day it’s however someone feels best with improving their health/losing weight… there’s hundreds of ways to do it but the one way they SHOULDN’T do it is starving themselves!

    I think its brilliant how you have incorporated a fitness regime as one of the main components of your weight loss….. I think you are awesome for sticking to that!!!

    That’s the bit I need to improve on drastically!!!

    C xxx

  3. I am new to your blog, (not sure how I stumbled onto it)but I’m interested in your experiment. I think you have some valid points about modern food & it’s lack of basic nutrition. I think you can succeed. I am pulling for you and will keep checking in.

    • Hi there Sandy- thanks for leaving a comment! Appreciate that! Having over indulged on modern junk food these past few days has made me realize just how bad the stuff makes me feel (after the initially yummy yummy in my tummy!!!) so can’t wait to get back to 100% rationing on Wednesday when I go back to work!

      See ya!

  4. You can totally do it! This blog is completely inspired. I am inspired.

    I too have always believed that the reason obesity runs rampant in our society is because we eat too much processed crap. But really, processed food is available in such abundance. It is true what they say…. shopping the perimeter of the grocery store can save a lot of calories added to your grocery cart!



  5. And eating lots of processed crap is really expensive too!

    I struggle like hell to make ends meet with three kids at home and just me the at home parent (and no benefits)…

    Eating as little pre-packaged or processed crap does save money as well as being much healthier. (but it’s so convenient and so addictive!!!)

    Thanks for your comment

    C xxx

  6. Wasn’t there some experiment where they flashed pictures of food at people and asked what they thought? The Americans said “guilt” when they saw chocolate cake, and the French said “celebration”. It’s taken me years to come to the realization that things like egg nog come every year, and I don’t need to drink tons, since it will be there next year and the year after. It’s a special treat, holiday food, so it’s okay to indulge a bit. That said, my 5 yr old came down this morning and asked for vegetables for breakfast.

    Happy new year, and keep at getting fighting fit!

    P.S. They just released Food Facts over here, it costs like 8 pounds on Amazon. It’s got loads of “new” recipes in it that aren’t in the Patten books.

  7. Carolyn, as someone who not only loves history but needs to lose well over 100 pounds myself, I have thoroughly enjoyed and been inspired by reading your entire blog over the last few days! Thank you for creating it, and a hearty “Well done!” for your success thus far. I started a diet of my own on January 1st and hope that this will be the time I make it stick. I am a recently single parent also, and your ideas blend well with my need to watch the budget. On the other hand, maybe becoming single will mean less stress in some ways, too… like making it a bit easier to take care of our own needs. I’ll be checking in regularly and wish you continued success in 2010!

    • Hi Becky!! Yes the social history stuff is my heroin too! So you are a single parent too- it is such a struggle when families break up lose someone, to make ends meet that eating simply does help economically and ensures that the family stays healthy.. saying that though I’d have a real job for my kids (ranging in age from 12 to 20) to stick to a 1940s diet sadly although they seem to love all the desserts!

      C xx

  8. Your daughter is a BUG!! How cute… just started following your site and I find it so refreshing… so many people have dieted over and over (haha, including myself) and really what they needed to do was switch it up… make it interesting to stick with it longer. Congrats to you… you look great already and thanks for the inspiration!!

    • LOL!!! Thanks Ashley! Well I hope I’ll be able to see this through and lose more weight on the way- I love doing it I have to say- it’s interesting and challenging and good distraction therapy!!!

      Thank you! C xx

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