On the Home Front – Rufford Abbey

Yesterday I went off on a big adventure..

I needed a day with no obligations, no distractions, away from social media and technology (apart from my £10 camera), so I walked a mile to the bus stop and caught the Sherwood Arrow to Rufford Abbey Country Park where a 1940s ‘On the Home Front’ weekend was taking place.

I don’t know what I was expecting but I certainly wasn’t prepared for a traffic jam of cars waiting to get in, stretching back over a mile and thousands of people. It seems since I have been away, 1940s re-enactment weekends have become VERY popular! I’m not complaining!!!


The day was AMAZING! AMAZING, AMAZING, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!! The event was extremely well put together by ‘Event Plan’  http://www.eventplan.co.uk/ , the location, Rufford Abbey was perfect and the attendance and participation by the public and re-enactors and retailers was top class. I even bumped into Facebook friends Mr & Mrs D and had a lovely chin wag!


I’m probably going to be posting various details, video clips and photos over the coming weeks but for now I hope you enjoy my slideshow on YouTube..


There was a perfect end to the day too..

As I walked away, through the trees to the main road to catch my bus a Spitfire flew over and came back again and I saw it, in all its glory, for several moments.

The bus was late and after a long day on my feet, sat in the bus shelter. Before long, two Land Army Girls joined me and then two elderly gentlemen and we had such a good chat about the war, about cars and aeroplanes and events I should attend or places I should go to.


The Sherwood Arrow pulled in 25 minutes late but it was the first time in my life I was happy that a bus didn’t turn up on time.

In my excitement I had forgotten to eat my jam sandwiches and as the breeze whooshed through the bus as we whizzed along the country roads back to urban living, I felt very contented indeed.


PS I got straight in contact with UK Home Front  http://www.ukhomefront.co.uk  who did some wonderful displays at Rufford Abbey over the weekend. I’ve asked them if I can join their group next year and participate in events. I’d love to do some displays on food and rationing! Keeping my fingers crossed!

C xxxxxxx