On the Home Front – Rufford Abbey

Yesterday I went off on a big adventure..

I needed a day with no obligations, no distractions, away from social media and technology (apart from my £10 camera), so I walked a mile to the bus stop and caught the Sherwood Arrow to Rufford Abbey Country Park where a 1940s ‘On the Home Front’ weekend was taking place.

I don’t know what I was expecting but I certainly wasn’t prepared for a traffic jam of cars waiting to get in, stretching back over a mile and thousands of people. It seems since I have been away, 1940s re-enactment weekends have become VERY popular! I’m not complaining!!!


The day was AMAZING! AMAZING, AMAZING, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!! The event was extremely well put together by ‘Event Plan’  http://www.eventplan.co.uk/ , the location, Rufford Abbey was perfect and the attendance and participation by the public and re-enactors and retailers was top class. I even bumped into Facebook friends Mr & Mrs D and had a lovely chin wag!


I’m probably going to be posting various details, video clips and photos over the coming weeks but for now I hope you enjoy my slideshow on YouTube..


There was a perfect end to the day too..

As I walked away, through the trees to the main road to catch my bus a Spitfire flew over and came back again and I saw it, in all its glory, for several moments.

The bus was late and after a long day on my feet, sat in the bus shelter. Before long, two Land Army Girls joined me and then two elderly gentlemen and we had such a good chat about the war, about cars and aeroplanes and events I should attend or places I should go to.


The Sherwood Arrow pulled in 25 minutes late but it was the first time in my life I was happy that a bus didn’t turn up on time.

In my excitement I had forgotten to eat my jam sandwiches and as the breeze whooshed through the bus as we whizzed along the country roads back to urban living, I felt very contented indeed.


PS I got straight in contact with UK Home Front  http://www.ukhomefront.co.uk  who did some wonderful displays at Rufford Abbey over the weekend. I’ve asked them if I can join their group next year and participate in events. I’d love to do some displays on food and rationing! Keeping my fingers crossed!

C xxxxxxx


12 thoughts on “On the Home Front – Rufford Abbey

  1. So glad you had a fabulous day off from all the life stresses .Im sure you have loads of inspiration now for your 1940s SupperClubs!. I looked Rufford Abbey up and it looks an amazing place to visit, be fab if you can be part of it next year…fingers crossed!

    • I do- I wish I could have gone for two days!! I will next year! I think camping is in order next year! it was a lovely day out xxx

  2. I think they will welcome you with open arms, the only thing missing there yesterday was a 1940’s cooking / rationing demonstration

    • I agree! There wasn’t anything on rationing and the closest I got to see wartime recipes was a small WVS kitchen for the Home Guard making spam sandwiches (and yes despite being a vegan when I smelled them I did drool)…

      I think a 1940s canteen trailer/kitchen would have been cool but def a display on rationing with some recipe samples 🙂

      I’m there next year- come hell or high water!! 🙂

      C xx

  3. Oh god, yes, you’ve got to be there next year. Goodwood Revival is coming up on weekend of 13-15 September. It’ll probably cost lots to get in but it also looks right up your street so it’d be worth shelling out for. It’s the world’s biggest classic car rally and it also has a strong vintage theme. Just look at this photo from the catering page: http://www.goodwood.co.uk/revival/fooddrink/fooddrink.aspx

    There’s lots to get your teeth into right now. You are going to be in demand!

  4. Goodwood Revival is absolutely awesome! We camped for the 4 days three years ago and wore vintage clothes everyday…that is what started my interest in the 1940′. I would love to send you photos of us in our finery but not sure how!! It was a very expensive weekend indeed though. Xx

  5. iT SOUNDS FABULOUS!! Alas I really can’t do expensive… my recent day out cost me a fiver (bus fare) and I took a bottle of water and some jam sandwiches! I’d love to see your photos!!!!!

    • I shall have to work out how to post them! No photo option is coming up, I shall ask my tame computer wizard, aka Benjamin my 18 yr old son!
      Btw, I WANT that big brown 2 handled teapot for my pop up tearoom!
      Oh, nearly forgot…see if you can go on ‘Freegle’ or any similar site local to you. If you google Free Stuff it may pop up. You can register and post anything you want for free, also you can post things you want to give away. It is brilliant. You would not believe what people give away for nothing, just the other day a man was offering the whole contents of his late Fathers shed as it needed clearing…tools, lawn mower, power tools, paint, wood, the lot! Give it a go xxx

  6. Immensely interesting! I was born in 1951, and the ’40s and of course the war were still a huge influence on life and styles for some years into the new decade. It’s so tantalising for me to glimpse the reproductions of those days just before I was born. I had the privilege of seeing and hearing a Spitfire myself, in 1990 at the time of the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain: a Spitfire toured the country and I vividly recall seeing and hearing it do a Victory Roll over the local airport nearby, utterly memorable. Thanks so much for sharing those pictures, Carolyn. xxx

  7. Carolyn why don’t you contact the Goodwood people and offer your skills in exchange for entry to the festival? You could do a cookery demo or a talk, and would get lots of exposure for your new planned venture! Best wishes x

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