77 days left and 41 lbs to lose

Lose 100 lb in one year by Oct 1, 2012 update: Weight is 240 lbs, weight loss is 59 lbs, 41 lbs to go!

I updated my graph today and realized, with a VERY large lump in my throat, that I have 77 days left to lose 41 lbs.

Setting myself a 100 lb weight loss goal in one year sounded quite reasonable, averaging less than 2 lbs per week, however, one does not take into consideration that depending on emotions, determination and just GODDAM LIFE, that weight loss is rarely steady and consistent. Plateaus come and go, sometimes you lose interest, sometimes you stop exercising and sometimes you just eat way too much potato (and I LOVE my potatoes)..

I’m a laid back happy-go-lucky kind of person with a hidden demon. That demon is nearly always snoozing, hard to rouse, happy to remain placid.

But this weekend my demon has been rousing from it’s slumber, I feel it’s breath on my neck, it’s heart beat increasing, clawing at my chest, ready to explode from it in full fury- BITCH! (Ooops sorry I went all Sigourney Weaver for a moment)

Now is the time to nurture that demon, befriend it, use it, become stronger, tougher, more determined. The task in-hand is not impossible..

October 1st 2012 I’ll be 199 lbs, you’ll see….

C xxxxxxxxx