77 days left and 41 lbs to lose

Lose 100 lb in one year by Oct 1, 2012 update: Weight is 240 lbs, weight loss is 59 lbs, 41 lbs to go!

I updated my graph today and realized, with a VERY large lump in my throat, that I have 77 days left to lose 41 lbs.

Setting myself a 100 lb weight loss goal in one year sounded quite reasonable, averaging less than 2 lbs per week, however, one does not take into consideration that depending on emotions, determination and just GODDAM LIFE, that weight loss is rarely steady and consistent. Plateaus come and go, sometimes you lose interest, sometimes you stop exercising and sometimes you just eat way too much potato (and I LOVE my potatoes)..

I’m a laid back happy-go-lucky kind of person with a hidden demon. That demon is nearly always snoozing, hard to rouse, happy to remain placid.

But this weekend my demon has been rousing from it’s slumber, I feel it’s breath on my neck, it’s heart beat increasing, clawing at my chest, ready to explode from it in full fury- BITCH! (Ooops sorry I went all Sigourney Weaver for a moment)

Now is the time to nurture that demon, befriend it, use it, become stronger, tougher, more determined. The task in-hand is not impossible..

October 1st 2012 I’ll be 199 lbs, you’ll see….

C xxxxxxxxx

8 thoughts on “77 days left and 41 lbs to lose

  1. I had some friends on Facebook express that this was too much to aim to lose in just 77 days… I have to agree. Therefore I am going to give it my best shot within sensible guidelines. I REALLY want to achieve my goal but more than that I want to be healthy and strong and achieve my longer term goals which is to continue losing until I am no longer overweight…

    “Currently I eat a TON of food (really good stuff but about 2500 cals worth… maybe more some days) and haven’t done any exercise for quite a while. I have decided to simply start exercising again (an hour a day of mostly walking) and bring my portions sizes for lentils, kidney beans, brown rice, potatoes etc down a notch to about 2000 cals a day (roughly). That’s it…. if it drops off quickly (and it probably will initially as I’ve remained the same for quite sometime) then so be it but I won’t be dropping my calories any lower than that. I think exercising again will really help xxxxxxx”

  2. I agree, losing that much weight is not healthy in that time frame. Now maybe if you had your wisdom teeth pulled and was living on liquids for a couple of weeks… I’ve done it and wouldn’t recommend it! Have you thought of using light hand weights while you’re walking? Or maybe walking in the ocean, using that water as resistance? I do know that you love the ocean! Good luck Carolyn I am so happy that you are meeting your goals and becoming healthier!!

  3. Good luck Carolyn, Do your best. We’re all here for you.
    I just want to tell you that since I started this diet in April I have lost 16 1/2 lbs. Thank you for inspiring me to try it.

  4. You have acheived so much already and are such an inspiration right now. Even if you think 41 into 77 won’t go – just do the work and see where you get to. Your readers are already proud of you.

  5. Thats nearly 2ib a day and cannot be done sensibly in that time. Why not extend your goal date to March 2013. That way you can still keep losing but will not be under preasure.

    • I know what you mean! I have decided to stick between 1800 to 2000 cals a day and to do a minimum of an hours exercise (like brisk walking) 5 days a week and just see what happens…

      So far I have eaten tons of food everyday with no deprivation- just having a little more of a control on the amount and increasing my exercise is obviously the way to go as I haven’t been losing for a while

      Am keeping my fingers crossed!

      C xxxx

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