Exercise and eating less food

This past week has been rather traumatic. Not something I want to speak about right now. My head is still spinning and feel my life is out of control. But there is one thing I can still hold onto and that is my health…

So to facilitate weight- loss I’ve started counting calories (kind of) simply to ensure I do not go above 2000 cals a day but aiming for around 1800 cals.

I love food and eat a LOT of it! Using WW2 rations to feed myself (includes lots of free seasonal fruit and veg) my processed food intake is minimal and eating this way really has improved my health.

I’ve started exercising again. I’m sneakily jumping onto my daughters eliptical twice a day for a short session and walking twice a day too (about an hour or so of exercise). I’ve also set myself a new goal. I haven’t jogged in 20 years. I want to train myself to jog 1km by October 1st…. small steps

C xxxxx


GOAL by October 1st, 2012:  Live for one year using wartime food rations- 100 wartime recipes re-created- lose 100 lbs of fat

To date: 59 lb lost- 72 wartime recipes re-created

2 thoughts on “Exercise and eating less food

  1. Hi Carolyn
    Sorry you are having an upset at the moment. I’ve noticed a few times in the past you have mentioned having problems which have really upset you and you dismiss them by saying you don’t want to go into them. While getting personal things off you chest in a public blog might not be good, I do hope you have someone you can talk to in real life. Bottling up your problems can be really bad for you health no matter how healthily you are eating!
    Hope things pick up soon, all the best x

    • Dear Candy- thank you for your concern. Yes I have several friends I can confide in and have done so. It definitely is keeping me sane and giving me some hope- C xxxx

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