October Update

Dear all,

I’m in a good place right now. For anyone that knows me, you’ll know my struggles with morbid obesity. I’ve probably lost the same 100 lbs several times over but never managed to get below 200 lbs (14st 3 lbs) in the last 25 years. To me getting below 200 lbs by eating healthily (for me that is plant based, wholefoods) and increasing my exercise would, I feel, increase my physical health and life expectancy.

I’ll be 53 in January and in recent months I’d lost control of my eating and succumbed to large quantities of sugars, oils, fats and cheese, loads of cheese…. I’d recently gone for an eye test and the optician saw changes which could indicate high cholesterol. I dug out my ‘Thriva Baseline Test’ from last year with my Lipid Profile on and thought to myself I’ve GOT to do something about this NOW! Despite being a vegetarian, a lot of my diet included high salt, high sugar, saturated fats mostly from cheese and cake baking, and I’d been using oil for stir-frying veg. This definitely showed in the blood test results.

I’ve gone ahead and booked another baseline test, this time I am also getting my active B12, Thyroid, CRP (C-Reactive Protein – used to measure inflammation in the body for auto-immune diseases, heart inflammation etc) and a full blood count in addition to my baseline test which measures Cholesterol, Iron, Liver Function and Vitamin D.

The way I look at it is I do have the ability to change my health around, I’ve got to try and take responsibility.

People have asked me about the THRIVA home blood tests. They are much cheaper than home tests from private clinics. You should also be able to get these tests FREE via your GP if they feel they are warranted. I’m doing this because I like to have my results and explanation in front of me to refer to often.

This link gives you 50% off your test (UK) https://thriva.co/i/CEWPGS

To get to the nitty-gritty I weighed in on September 10th at 299.7lbs (21st 5lbs) and I’ve basically given up nearly all processed foods (a little bit of salad cream here and there and an occasional yogurt), cut out cheese, fats, sugar and salt. Most of my diet this past month has been porridge oats and fruit for breakfast, a massive mixed colourful salad with kidney beans for lunch, a lb of cooked veg (lots of green leaf veg such as kale and cruciferous veg) for dinner with a small amount of starchy veg such as sweet potato. I’m eating 4 pieces of fruit a day and 1-2 oz of nuts such as walnuts and at the end of the day I enjoy a toasted pitta bread topped with 100% peanut butter and a plant milk, hot milky coffee. Supplements include Omega 3 Algae oil with DHA + EPA, Nutritional Yeast sprinkled on food for B12, Vit D 3, Magnesium and Zinc. My daily protein levels are between 70-80g which is perfectly adequate.

My first weigh-in was October 10th and without counting calories I had lost 18.1 lbs (1st 4 lbs) which means my weight is now 281.6lbs (20 stone 1.6 lbs).

Although I’ve had to give up baking for now because of the fat, sugar and flour but I’m OK with this. My focus has to be getting through the next few months in a way I KNOW is the best for me. So many people say to me just have a little of what you fancy. I just can’t do this…for now it’s doing without. I’ve removed all trigger foods from my cupboards. EVERYTHING is healthy and nutritious. HOWEVER I have enjoyed a couple of nights out which involved “normal” food and alcohol and I’ve counted those as occasional treats.

Thank you all for continuing to check out my blog.

I’m going to be focusing on re-creating some autumn/winter WW2 soups over the coming weeks so please check back.

Much love to all.

C xxxx

£ for lb – The 1940s Ration Book Diet.


Did anyone watch “Save Money, Lose Weight” on ITV recently? Was anyone else SHOCKED how much money they spent in 28 days? Watch the episode HERE! 

Six overweight Brits were put through six off-the-shelf diets for 28 days. All of them successfully lost weight trying 6 different popular plans and were pleased with the results BUT HOLEY HELL – REALLY? How can someone afford a food bill for one person for one month of £400 – £500? Get real! In the real world many of us struggle and carefully budget so it did indeed seemed quite shocking to me the amount of money spent. Surely ongoing over a long period of time this wouldn’t be sustainable?


And then like a terrier down a rabbit hole I decided to break down my food budget based on rationing, and worked out how much it would cost to lose weight ration book style. I’ve also decided to eat 28 days purely based on 1940s rationing up to 1500 cals a day and see how much I lose and convert the total cost spent to £’s for lbs, just like they did on the programme!

Today I weighed in at 276.8 lbs (up 27 lbs or so since the summer) and in 28 days I’ll see how much I’ve lost.

Based on what I am eating today my total cost for food and drink is £2.50 and a total of 1450 cals.

Breakfast – 40 g porridge, 2 teaspoons sugar, 150 ml soy light milk – 30p – 250 cals
Lunch – Salad – 1/5th raw cauliflower, 1 stalk celery, 1/2 can kidney beans, 1/4 cucumber, 25g salad cream light, 1 apple. 90p – 300 cals
DinnerLentil curry £1 – 600 cals
Dessert – Mock apricot tart –  30p – 300 cals
By my reckoning this is
28 days @ 2.50 = £70 – CONSIDERABLY LESS than £400 – £500.
Let’s see what I lose!


Gym and Weight Loss Update – 15th November 2016

Enjoyed some walking and jogging on the treadmill tonight with my friend Bertie and had a lot going on in my head so grabbed my phone and just talked.

My weight has gone up from about 255 lbs to 266 lbs in the last 4 weeks (and I had put 5 or 6 lbs on before that too) so I am really trying hard to get back on track and focused.

As a person who has been morbidly obese most of the last 20 years or so you have a huge fear of once you have lost some weight that you will lose control and put it all back on again (lets face it – we’ve all probably been there many times). I used to be 345 lbs and NEVER want to be there again because it was painful and unhealthy. My goal currently is to get below 250 lbs by Christmas and get below 200 lbs to run the London Marathon in April 2017 as a runner for the Royal British Legion.

Night night, never give up!

C xxx

Down to 249 lbs


A very quick update as I drink my tea before heading to work.

Yesterday I FINALLY broke the 250 lbs mark. My weight has been meandering for the last 6 weeks flitting up and down between 250-254 lbs so it was a relief to see it finally drop to 249 lbs.

Statistics are:

Am 96lbs down from my heaviest weight ever (345 lbs)

Am 61 lbs from my heaviest weight during my current job (310 lbs)

Am 47 lbs down from January 1st this year (2016)


No more crushing lower back pain and can now walk several miles instead of 100 yards!

Am feeling stronger about myself as a person.

Am feeling much healthier, my BP has dropped, my pulse rate has dropped.

Am fitting into clothes in my wardrobe that were too tight before!


Sorry if I’ve not answered many messages…. life is a blur of commitment at the moment and finding it difficult to fit everything in xxxx

The long rambling get-it-off-my-chest post…


Sorry for the absence, the lack of recipes, lack of communication.

I’ve had a few difficult months one would say which culminated in my partner and I parting ways about a month or so ago. We had some great times together over the last couple of years but latterly, both of us had issues that eventually hindered the relationship progressing any further. Inevitably there is transition time after a break up where you spend much time thinking about everything and that’s what I’ve been doing.

With some of the health issues I’ve been working my way through in the past 6 months I’ve decided to dedicate myself, above everything else, to getting happy and healthy again. If this doesn’t leave time for socializing, or writing my blog posts, so be it. I’ve decided that it is OK to sometimes be selfish. I’ve also decided that it is also OK to be celibate. While it’s fun to have a giggle at beardy wonders like ‘The WHIMSICAL WOODSMAN’, I can honestly say that having any sort of ‘friendship’ or ‘relationship’ with the opposite sex in 2016 won’t be happening. I need this time to work on ME, to achieve my goals, to not feel anxious and to banish those self doubts about ‘not being good enough’. I’m me, I like me, even the strange bits….

Check out the ‘Whimsical Woodman’ HERE https://www.facebook.com/thewhimsicalwoodsman/

Now I’ve stopped talking about boys, lets get down to business. Eating good, unprocessed food and losing weight…

256lbsThe sheer process of being ‘selfish’ and also avoiding stress and anxiety, has had a VERY positive effect on my psyche and my weight-loss these past months. Today I weighed in at 256.6 lbs (about 18 stone 2 lbs). I’ve lost NEARLY 40 lbs since January at a steady rate now of about 2 lbs per week and I’m now down nearly 90 lbs from my heaviest weight ever. My bingeing is under control, I’m no longer turning to food emotionally, to feel comfort or feel full. I’ve been focusing on putting healthy fuel in my body and taking regular exercise since my hospital tests. Like during rationing in the 1940’s, my diet continues to be LOTS of vegetables and wholefoods and very few processed foods and very limited amounts of cheese and egg (4 oz per week and 1 egg). To be honest I’m using very little of my sugar allowance either. Infact I’ve hardly used any but will put it towards some fundraising cupcakes I am making tonight…

Despite the recent upsets, I’m beginning to feel much happier and healthier. I’m liking the fact my body is shrinking (even the odd wobbly bits that aren’t shrinking back like the little fat sacks at the top of my thighs). My tummy has an awful lot of loose skin on it and I can see this being a big problem when I reach my goal weight but I’d rather have that problem than the obesity one….

My next goal, to move out of the ‘morbid obesity’ category to the simply ‘obese’ classification.I’m thinking about another 10 lbs or so should do it!

THANK YOU for all the messages and comments sent and posted on the website, on my Facebook page and on Instagram and Twitter. I’ve been updating these with lots of photos and screenshots from FitBit and weigh-ins

Keep walking, never give up, C xxxx


Weigh-In – Down to 262lbs – Instagram

I update on a day by day basis on my Instagram page, not necessarily 1940s related but always about the every day stuff one has to do to try and keep losing weight.

I hope to update with more recipes and a full blog post soon. Thank you for all the lovely comments and messages which I read frequently!!! It’s sunny and I’m going for a walk with friends..

C xxx



Down to 279 lbs or 19 stone and 13 lbs

I really hate my belly fat….read more below

So those that have read my blog from when it began back in 2009 will see that my weight has yo-yo’d back and forth. It follows a typical pattern. I lose some, begin to feel a bit healthier, feel a bit happier, get complacent, start nibbling and before I know it I’m back to where I started.

I did really well back in 2012 and managed to lose over 80 lbs living and breathing a wartime rationing plan (with only just a few blips) and I’d got down to just around 230 lbs ….just getting close enough to within a few months of making it below 200 lbs.

When I think how close I was and how my weight was nearly at 300 lbs again at Christmas I could kick myself (but I’ve beaten myself up about it enough so I’m just leaving it in the past where it belongs).

For the past month or so I’ve begun to knuckle down again. I’m not living and breathing a wartime rationing diet 100% at the moment BUT I am using rationing as a guide to keeping everything in check (although I am using far less sugar than rationing allows). Breakfast is nearly always porridge with ground flax seed and soy milk. Lunch is a large raw salad with romaine lettuce, beetroot, raw peas, tomatoes, cucumber, kidney beans and supper is either a large vegetable based stew or stir fry and sometimes I deviate away if my daughter has prepared a nice healthy meal for when I get in from work.

I enjoy weekends as I have time to cook more new authentic wartime recipes and even bake something a little naughty using all that rationed sugar I am accumulating!

I’m yapping on aren’t I….

WELL I weighed in this morning and I am now below 20 stone!!!! Today I was 279 lbs or if you like 19 stone 13 lbs which is 17 lbs off since January and 66 lbs off from my heaviest weight ever of 345 lbs several years ago. This is giving me a HUGE push forward psychologically as recently I have been a little stressed over various things.

Not only am I pleased with the weight loss but I have broken the habit of raiding the cupboards/fridge overnight for 7 days now and am determined to continue.

BUT I DON’T WANT TO BECOME COMPLACENT… so I took this photo above in the mirror just now to remind myself just why I want to get below 200 lbs.

My belly …..the fat seems to sit all around my stomach and abdomen area and I am so embarrassed about it. So why am I showing it off on my blog? Because I know my own mind and this works for me, this reminds me to keep going…this reminds me to never give up

C xxx