Down to 249 lbs


A very quick update as I drink my tea before heading to work.

Yesterday I FINALLY broke the 250 lbs mark. My weight has been meandering for the last 6 weeks flitting up and down between 250-254 lbs so it was a relief to see it finally drop to 249 lbs.

Statistics are:

Am 96lbs down from my heaviest weight ever (345 lbs)

Am 61 lbs from my heaviest weight during my current job (310 lbs)

Am 47 lbs down from January 1st this year (2016)


No more crushing lower back pain and can now walk several miles instead of 100 yards!

Am feeling stronger about myself as a person.

Am feeling much healthier, my BP has dropped, my pulse rate has dropped.

Am fitting into clothes in my wardrobe that were too tight before!


Sorry if I’ve not answered many messages…. life is a blur of commitment at the moment and finding it difficult to fit everything in xxxx

11 thoughts on “Down to 249 lbs

  1. Well done, Carolyn, I’m very happy for you. I’m sure it will only get easier from here on. Warm wishes xx

  2. I found your site after looking up food rationing during WW2. I have to say, you look amazing! I have lost 95 pounds myself, down from an all time high of 240. I have kept it off for 2 years and 7 months. It can be done!

  3. I was away from blogs for a while so I haven’t been following your recent transformation; I just remember when you started dieting again. You are doing so well it puts all of us who procrastinate to shame; un grand bravo de France ! xx

  4. You look so healthy and strong!
    I am in awe of your commitment to your fitness and health.
    Thanks for continuing to be a wonderful inspiration!

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