Down to 279 lbs or 19 stone and 13 lbs

I really hate my belly fat….read more below

So those that have read my blog from when it began back in 2009 will see that my weight has yo-yo’d back and forth. It follows a typical pattern. I lose some, begin to feel a bit healthier, feel a bit happier, get complacent, start nibbling and before I know it I’m back to where I started.

I did really well back in 2012 and managed to lose over 80 lbs living and breathing a wartime rationing plan (with only just a few blips) and I’d got down to just around 230 lbs ….just getting close enough to within a few months of making it below 200 lbs.

When I think how close I was and how my weight was nearly at 300 lbs again at Christmas I could kick myself (but I’ve beaten myself up about it enough so I’m just leaving it in the past where it belongs).

For the past month or so I’ve begun to knuckle down again. I’m not living and breathing a wartime rationing diet 100% at the moment BUT I am using rationing as a guide to keeping everything in check (although I am using far less sugar than rationing allows). Breakfast is nearly always porridge with ground flax seed and soy milk. Lunch is a large raw salad with romaine lettuce, beetroot, raw peas, tomatoes, cucumber, kidney beans and supper is either a large vegetable based stew or stir fry and sometimes I deviate away if my daughter has prepared a nice healthy meal for when I get in from work.

I enjoy weekends as I have time to cook more new authentic wartime recipes and even bake something a little naughty using all that rationed sugar I am accumulating!

I’m yapping on aren’t I….

WELL I weighed in this morning and I am now below 20 stone!!!! Today I was 279 lbs or if you like 19 stone 13 lbs which is 17 lbs off since January and 66 lbs off from my heaviest weight ever of 345 lbs several years ago. This is giving me a HUGE push forward psychologically as recently I have been a little stressed over various things.

Not only am I pleased with the weight loss but I have broken the habit of raiding the cupboards/fridge overnight for 7 days now and am determined to continue.

BUT I DON’T WANT TO BECOME COMPLACENT… so I took this photo above in the mirror just now to remind myself just why I want to get below 200 lbs.

My belly …..the fat seems to sit all around my stomach and abdomen area and I am so embarrassed about it. So why am I showing it off on my blog? Because I know my own mind and this works for me, this reminds me to keep going…this reminds me to never give up

C xxx

15 thoughts on “Down to 279 lbs or 19 stone and 13 lbs

  1. Brilliant news Carolyn!

    I am another yo-yo dieter but like you have decided that Wartime (ish) is the way to go and I am sticking with it (and on the 1st of the month I post a photo of myself on my blog, just to show how I am doing …. or not lol), at one point I got to 19 stone and then it hurtled back up, at the moment I am 11.5 lbs heavier than you but I will get down there! My next target is 19stone and something 😀

    • I was reading your blog yesterday… we are pretty much at the same place weight wise from where we began except your waist is 10 inches less than mine!!!! I am a watermelon shape!!! LOL! Keep going- you are doing brilliantly!! It does help doesn’t it to post photos xxx

  2. Carolyn, you are such an inspiration! I am now at my heaviest ever, but trying to lose enough weight to have knee replacement surgery on both knees. If I can only keep away from the fridge and the cupboards! I have several wartime cookery books — I’m going to give it a try, following your example. Thanks!

  3. I have the same shape as you, i am cutting down my portions, cutting out most of the sugar and trying to get my stomach and bottom to shrink so that I can once again have a waistline. I am so tired of the big baggy clothes and not being able to button the bottom of any of my blouses. The thing that bothers me the most about being heavy is not being able to wear all the cute clothes I see. That in addition to health reasons and wanting to just feel better, are my incentives. Also I feel that being heavy makes me look older and more matronly.

    • You’ve hit the nail right on the head!!! Yes health is important BUT to be able to wear any clothes you see without having to worry about hiding away the bulgey bits would be wonderful! xxx

  4. Congratulations. I am on this journey myself and know how hard it can be. One step at a time is the only way to do it. Well done on breaking the snacking habit as well.

  5. Well done, i love your blog and you inspire me to tackle my own weight and issues, you have such a lovely outlook on life you are amazing.You look wonderfull dressed 1940 style, keep at it you will get there.By the way if the apron finished? cant wait to see final pictures xx

  6. Great going. Keep it up. My sister=in-law always had a photo of her self plastered to the door of the fridge to stop herself raiding it. She said it worked.
    Keep it up, you are an inspiration.

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