The long rambling get-it-off-my-chest post…


Sorry for the absence, the lack of recipes, lack of communication.

I’ve had a few difficult months one would say which culminated in my partner and I parting ways about a month or so ago. We had some great times together over the last couple of years but latterly, both of us had issues that eventually hindered the relationship progressing any further. Inevitably there is transition time after a break up where you spend much time thinking about everything and that’s what I’ve been doing.

With some of the health issues I’ve been working my way through in the past 6 months I’ve decided to dedicate myself, above everything else, to getting happy and healthy again. If this doesn’t leave time for socializing, or writing my blog posts, so be it. I’ve decided that it is OK to sometimes be selfish. I’ve also decided that it is also OK to be celibate. While it’s fun to have a giggle at beardy wonders like ‘The WHIMSICAL WOODSMAN’, I can honestly say that having any sort of ‘friendship’ or ‘relationship’ with the opposite sex in 2016 won’t be happening. I need this time to work on ME, to achieve my goals, to not feel anxious and to banish those self doubts about ‘not being good enough’. I’m me, I like me, even the strange bits….

Check out the ‘Whimsical Woodman’ HERE

Now I’ve stopped talking about boys, lets get down to business. Eating good, unprocessed food and losing weight…

256lbsThe sheer process of being ‘selfish’ and also avoiding stress and anxiety, has had a VERY positive effect on my psyche and my weight-loss these past months. Today I weighed in at 256.6 lbs (about 18 stone 2 lbs). I’ve lost NEARLY 40 lbs since January at a steady rate now of about 2 lbs per week and I’m now down nearly 90 lbs from my heaviest weight ever. My bingeing is under control, I’m no longer turning to food emotionally, to feel comfort or feel full. I’ve been focusing on putting healthy fuel in my body and taking regular exercise since my hospital tests. Like during rationing in the 1940’s, my diet continues to be LOTS of vegetables and wholefoods and very few processed foods and very limited amounts of cheese and egg (4 oz per week and 1 egg). To be honest I’m using very little of my sugar allowance either. Infact I’ve hardly used any but will put it towards some fundraising cupcakes I am making tonight…

Despite the recent upsets, I’m beginning to feel much happier and healthier. I’m liking the fact my body is shrinking (even the odd wobbly bits that aren’t shrinking back like the little fat sacks at the top of my thighs). My tummy has an awful lot of loose skin on it and I can see this being a big problem when I reach my goal weight but I’d rather have that problem than the obesity one….

My next goal, to move out of the ‘morbid obesity’ category to the simply ‘obese’ classification.I’m thinking about another 10 lbs or so should do it!

THANK YOU for all the messages and comments sent and posted on the website, on my Facebook page and on Instagram and Twitter. I’ve been updating these with lots of photos and screenshots from FitBit and weigh-ins

Keep walking, never give up, C xxxx


32 thoughts on “The long rambling get-it-off-my-chest post…

  1. You look amazing and as always are an inspiration. Congrats on your continued weight loss and health journey. I’ll miss your posts, but totally understand! Get healthy and happy!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your break up, Caroline, but you look amazing. Well done for sticking to your healthy regime throughout the difficult times. Keep up the good work. Love Helen xx

  3. Dear Carolyn, what a wise woman you are! I,m sorry to hear about your relationship break up butbitxsounds like it came o an end for good reasons and you are growing through the loss of it. My word, if you can go through that without resorting I comfort eating, you have achieved an enormous victory! Well done you! What elseis there to say except keep on keeping on and may you be covered in grace and blessings!

  4. Sorry to hear things didn’t work out with your partner, but yay you for not letting it get you down – you are looking stunning hun!

  5. So sorry to hear about the rough patch you’re going through, but I have to say that you look amazing. Self care is so very important, and it looks like you are very much into the groove of it. Good work, girl!

  6. You are looking really good. I wish you all the best on your journey towards health, and peace, and happiness.
    Self-discovery and fulfilment are exciting processes!
    Be gentle with yourself, happy trails to you.

  7. It is your life you get to a point in it when you think I need to take stock of my life and consider what I want. We only have a short time on this earth so we need to life our lives to the best we can and for ourselves. Good on you girl. I respect and admire your determination and your honesty. Not easy things to share your weight and your personal life. You are an inspiration. X

  8. What a honest and touching post, not easy to tell the world and keep smiling, you are truly an inspiration, i wish you all the best on your journey, one day at a time and you will reach your goal. You look amazing, stay strong and positive, you are the reason so many others have started their journey, myself included, my wish for you………. to be happyXx

  9. Carolyn you do need to be a bit selfish sometimes…it is called survival…don’t feel bad about it…you are doing great…and that extra skin can be dealt with surgically…I know it is costly…but you could have an “extra bits” jar to put your loose coins in and put it in a prominent place so when friends come they can contribute as well…For a person who has lost a lot of weight it might even be covered by NHS…worth checking it out…My daughter also has a lot of weight to loose…she was doing very well last year but then she fell of the wagon and has put on quite a bit again…she is having a hard time getting back on…but you are a good example that with determination you can do it…Be happy and stay strong…you can do it…xox

  10. Sorry to hear you and your partner have split. The blogs and photos looked like you were going well…….ho hum.
    Looking after number one is not selfish, it’s just you regrouping your thoughts and feelings and putting them in order.
    We are all your boyfriends on here so you don’t need another just yet….we all love you XX , keep going , keep getting thinner and most of all keep HAPPY.

    • Thank you…. Definitely need to concentrate on other things and just be happy with my own company. Thanks for the reassuring words 🙂 c x

  11. Hi Carolyn, I do not know if you remember me, I was the one who sent you the two photos of our community having a VE day street party for the kids. I as usual was not able to be there as I had pneumonia then, but my elder brother was there. I am sorry to hear about your recent problems with the other sex, these things happen, it has happened in my family with my son and his other half, another story. Having read several, but not all of your scribblings I have come to the conclusion that you are driving yourself to something that you do not know what, this can be a great burden as one gets older, you seem to never get to IT! what ever IT is. I was like that as a teenager in a foreign country, South Africa, and was trying desperately to get back to UK, then I met the love of my life and go married, then I was two instead of one that soon increased to three. Departure to UK impossible, life here was intolerable as the government was of the Nazi type that we fought a war against and me being English and a half English wife, as you can imagine it was exciting, add to that a language that I could never master. Then some English friends lead me and my wife to a evangelical Church where we heard the Gospel, good news for the first time, that gave us a new look at our situation completely. I am going to enclose within this email my Testimony for you to read, I trust that it will be an encouragement to you and enable you to see life in a more complete way.

    May God bless you, Alan and Mona Gander South Africa

  12. So sorry to hear about your breakup, but I’m so impressed that you have carried on with your healthy lifestyle in spite of everything. Don’t feel bad about taking time for yourself… is so important. I’ll keep checking for new posts, even if they are few and far between. Take care, my friend!

  13. So sorry to hear about your break up but good on you for keeping with it!! I looked up your blog again after a few months of not checking it because I need the inspiration! I think I am going to try my own “ration book diet”. Are you still sticking by the rations (albeit with some trades, I believe you’re vegetarian?) Anyway. All the best. Would love you to still pop in here and catch us up but of course take care of you first and foremost. We are all here pulling for you to succeed xx

  14. Carolyn, you are doing extremely well in spite of recent sad events. We all face events like
    this from time to time and have to cope and get on with it. I am so envious of your very shapely thighs! How did you do that? I simply cannot shift “heavy thighs” and hate what I have been lumbered with! Can’t do much exercise at my advanced age. Guess I have just got to live with it. Well done Carolyn. X

  15. None of us know what’s round the corner, love to read your posts you are a great read …wishing you well

  16. I am new reader but I definitely sympathize with what you’ve been going through. After I left my ex husband, I lost nearly 60 pounds. The stress of being with him was lifted and the weight kinda fell off. I hope that you heal and find your happy!

  17. I really like the photo you posted. You look so confident. The look on your face just says “yep, life happens and I’m still moving forward”. All the best to you, Carolyn.

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