Weigh-In: 1 month on WW2 rations

Well I did it! Survived the first month and was as true as I could be to a WW2 diet! For anyone new to my blog I’m carrying out another year long experiment to see the effect living 100% on a wartime diet will have on my physical health, weight and mental health.

I’m taking this mighty seriously. I’ve had baseline blood tests done for cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL (good) cholesterol, liver function (Bilirubin, Alkaline phosphatase, Gamma-GT. Albumin, Globulin) iron, Vitamin B9 and B12, Vitamin D levels, diabetes, CRP levels (inflammation), Thyroid function and the protein levels in my blood which will measure whether I am getting enough protein in my diet. These levels have been measured at the beginning, and will be repeated 6 months in and at the end.

I’m also having weigh-in and blood pressure checks every month at my Doctors surgery and will be monitoring my blood pressure levels once a week at home as well as keeping a journal/diary recording my general physical and mental health noting everything that crops up. Additionally, I’m also going to have a course of therapy to address any possible reasons that may have caused me to use food as a coping mechanism (because I’m pretty sure it’s not just completely because I like the taste of it!).

So what did I lose? I’d really love it if you watch my video as I explain my thoughts during the month but I know not everyone has high speed internet to watch so here it is….. 13 lbs down in my first month. No restrictions on amounts (just had to make the rations last!), I’ve eaten lots, felt happily satiated most of the time, eaten 3 meals a day and a snack in bed at night and no eating in between meals. I’m really happy with that.

C xxxxx

I’ve started to read an amazing recipe book by Margaret Y. Brady called “Health for All – Wartime Recipes” and I will be recreating many of these recipes as I go forward through this journey. (See my reference to NUTTER in the video above!!!)

I thought I’d share her introduction below, it resonated with me especially the middle, common sense, paragraph on page 11.

Have a wonderful weekend! C xxx

20 thoughts on “Weigh-In: 1 month on WW2 rations

  1. You don’t even know how impressed I am with your willpower to do this!! I would like to try but I’m not sure how to shop and not waste things, like the dairy, if I’m only using small portions.

    • Hi Liz, dairy keeps a long time and if you were a vegetarian I’ve recently found out you could forgo all your meat rations and receive a hefty 12 oz of cheese a week! (I’m going to write about that more in depth) Hugs xxxx

      • I have been keeping up with your website for almost a year now. I have tried several of the recipes and some from a 1942 cookbook I bought. I think I’m going to try following in your footsteps now! Lol I have a work conference next week, so that will give me time to plan ahead and prepare. I bought your ration book journal to help track my progress. So, crossing my fingers for March 1st…my official start date!

      • That sounds brilliant Liz, I feel really positive right now having got through the first month, thank you for supporting my blog by buying the journal/notebook and really hope all goes well for you xxxx hugs

  2. I’ll be intrigued as to how you manage in the face of mass, modern day temptation. In wartime, I think everyone was broadly in the same boat. There is so much choice and abundance now; do you find this tricky?

    • Yes that is quite a challenge but I don’t have any modern day snacks in the house that are mine and I’m trying to eat nice large substantial meals filled with nutrients to feel satisfied so the cravings are less. I really want this to be an authentic experiment with regards to the diet consumed so I can log what changes occur (hopefully for the better) so really will be trying my hardest to stick to it otherwise the experiment becomes invalid if I start to regularly include modern day foods. xxxx C

  3. I would love to try living like this as, I too, am obese. I have tried everything out there, but firmly believe that if I cut all the excess (which has caused the obesity) I can actually slowly but surely return to a healthy weight. Is there a list of ingredients (rationed) that I can go to and build on to create a meal plan? eg. 2 eggs a week, 3 oz of meat a week etc? Thank you,Rose

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