137 Wartime Recipes All On One Page


I’ve updated the index page for all the wartime recipes I’ve created in my blog.


Sorry it’s been a while coming but I’m trying to keep myself busy so I don’t snack!

I’ve been home for two hours. Caught up with my children, cooked another stew, ate two plates of stew while watching some weight loss stories on YouTube (as you do when you need motivation) and now updating my blog.

It’s 8 pm and I think I’ll be in bed and asleep by 8:30.

My day started at 5 am and I’m getting older…

PS: A HUGE triumph for me at work today. A big tin of Christmas Quality Street was opened. I walked past the tin maybe 20 times throughout the day and you know what? I didn’t even go there…. instead I ate my porridge and piece of fruit

6 thoughts on “137 Wartime Recipes All On One Page

  1. Hey Carolyn, good that you are back!

    I have a question though! What does a seven day meal plan look like to you when “on the ration”? I have been sort of following the concept of rationing but only buying /using the amounts allowed – eg 2oz sugar per week and not spending more than €5 on meat or €3 on sausages/offal per week. However, I’ve not lost a pound! That said I have sort of abused my “points” in the sense I’ve allowed myself 24 per fortnight as opposed to per month and included some items that might not strictly have been wartime! I think my downfall is bread though – I’m baking maybe three loaves in a week. Perhaps you can give some advice? 🙂



    • Hi Wally- I tell you what, this week I’ll try and put together a weeks meal plan and create a downloadable sheet with it on so if anyone is interested in doing a week on rations they could make a start using the sheet…

      I think it ultimately depends on many things… first of all your current weight (I am very overweight indeed so can lose weight quite quickly on 1940 calories which by the way was the recommended daily allowance for women), exercise (people were a lot more active during the war years and walked or cycled everywhere) etc

      Bread although readily available to buy during the war, people were encouraged to eat less of it and perhaps use porridge oats more so probably no more than a couple of slices a day plus stale bread in recipes, would be the maximum.

      Kindest regards


      • That would be amazing – just to see where I’m going right / wrong. That said, I was complaining I lost no weight – this week 4lbs. I’m not 16 stone anymore! (I should be 11! *sigh*).

        Thanks in advance!

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