Ministry of Food WWII Leaflets


I’ve been collecting old Ministry of Food WWII pamphlets on Pinterest. Anytime I find a new one I pin it. Thought you might be interested! Wish I had a collection of real ones but this is the next best thing!


12 thoughts on “Ministry of Food WWII Leaflets

  1. This is GREAT! Will hop over to your Pinterst and check it out! I’m looking for recipes for my March (St. Patty’s) tea party! I love to keep it vintage, so I can hopefully do double duty on my vintage blog with my novels and short stories! Pinterest here I come!

    That reminds me Carolyn do you have any drink (alcohol) recipes for WWII rationing?

    ~ Tam Francis ~


  2. Hello Carolyn. You have a delightful blog! I stumbled across it on pinterest and have been thoroughly enjoying reading through it. Can’t wait to try some of these recipes, and thank you for the collection of awesome vintage pins! Can’t wait to read through those as well. Congratulations on all your success with cooking and eating ration-style. What a fascinating experiment. I would love to try that sometime, even just for a week to see if I could do it! Well done, and thank you for documenting it all here. Blessings! 😉


  3. Note to Swiveltam: Not sure about drinks rationing, but a famous cocktail of the time period was a champagne cocktail: 4 oz. dry champagne, poured over a sugar cube which has been saturated with Angostura bitters…..serve in classic champagne glass. Delicious!


  4. Caroline Beecham has written a novel called ‘Maggie’s Kitchen’ published by Allen & Unwin 2016. The novel revolves around a woman starting up what was called a ‘British Restaurant’ in 1941 London. During the development of the story she quotes various Ministry of Food, War Cookery Leaflets. At the end of the novel she has listed quite a few of the recipes used during WWII in the UK – Caroline’s acknowledgements also list useful references for those who may wish to pursue these food matters further. My guess is that the novel is readily available.

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