Moving forward..

I’m sorry for the lack of updates- we are in the middle of packing and hope to soon be moving out of our house in the countryside to a town, 30 minutes away, while we prepare to move back to the UK.

Today I made three huge containers of stew. I cleared the fridge and some of the freezer out and used the older veg and half a bag of split peas, and now I have enough food for three days. I don’t mind eating the same meals for a few days in a row, infact I’ve found myself quite often doing this last year.

One thing I am looking forward to is hot running water… infact cold running water from all taps will be a treat..

We’ve struggled more than I’ve ever struggled in my entire life these past couple of years especially the last several months and repairs on plumbing and replacing a hot water tank was money we just did not have. Our daily routine has been boiling pots of water for bathing and washing up and it has been very time consuming.

BUT our house is sold, and soon we move, and soon there will be hot running water under pressure and bubbly hot baths for everyone.

I feel like I am the luckiest lady in the whole wide world!

C xxxxx

5 thoughts on “Moving forward..

  1. I do admire your attitude Carolyn. Let’s hope your new life will be better than the last two years. You deserve a break.

  2. My Aunt used to say when one door closes another one shuts 🙂 But we knew what she meant, Open doors all the way now, welcome to your new life and good luck with everything. Sunshine after showers.

  3. I remembering living like that for a year as a child. Up and down, up and down with those pans of water. No wonder we only had once bath per week. Kids don’t need to be bathed every night though. At least the move will have an upside when you get into a nice warm bath! I hope the trip back to the UK goes ok. You seem to have some good contacts here so you’ll be better off than some. All the very best of luck!

  4. It’s amazing how such simple things as hot water can mean so much after you go without them. You do have a wonderful attitude about all that has gone on in your life this past while. Is there ANY hope you may be able to stay in Canada?

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