I feel so good, good, GOOD!

I went to the track again today..

I pushed myself hard, made my heart beat fast and perspired a little too and achieved 15 laps (3 kms) in 30 minutes.

Afterwards I felt amazing!

It was tinged with a little sadness on seeing someone that was me not so long ago. She managed a few laps at a slow pace and in every step she took you could see the pain she suffered. I wanted to hug her.. tell her that all she had to do was keep coming back to walk a little and soon the pain would begin to disappear and her smile would broaden and there would come a day when she actually walked faster than someone else and one day she would realize there was no pain… and she’d cry with happiness..

I hope I see her again…

C xxxxxx

6 thoughts on “I feel so good, good, GOOD!

  1. Good on ya!! Next time you see her I hope you tell her of your wonderful accomplishment. It does feel good to keep moving. I have to walk with a rolling walker these days due to back problems but I am so happy that I can get out and about and moving does help a great deal with pain management.

    • Sorry to hear you have to use a walking aid Candace but how lovely that you are looking on the positive side and enjoying being out and about- at the end of the day it’s the most simplest of things that give us the most joy for sure xxxx

  2. I love this post. You don’t notice the progress you are making as it happens and it seems so hard. Sometimes it is only in looking back that you see how far you’ve come.

    • Absolutely… well said and so very true. I kept thinking to myself I wonder if she is thinking what I was thinking the first time I visited the track and tried to walk and if she is, I hope she also,, despite the struggle,, felt very proud of herself and that she is motivated to return. xxxxxx

      In a selfish way she motivated me too- I remembered how it felt with all that back pain and breathlessness and never want to return xxxx

      Thank you lovely lady at the track.. I hope you are back there today <3

  3. Oh yes, you’re so right. You just have to keep going back, keep going back. I still go three times per week to the gym, and my trainer there is really proud of me. I reached my target weight but I’m still going. I’m proud of me too.

  4. I know what you mean. Not long ago i was a soon to be Black Belt encouraging other women to “just keep comming to class” and you will be thrilled with the changes you see. Now I am the one who struggles to walk, fears broken ground, worries at any change from flat ground. While I am thankfully pain free the danger of falling and the difficulty of getting up is almost as hard to deal with. Please let us all, encourgae one another in all things. When we see someone in need share a kind word and maybe even a hug! Remember, Some of us who look string really need it.

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